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Within the vast oceans that cover nearly 70% of the earth’s surface there exists an eco-system full of unique botanicals, including many varieties of seaweed and algae. By growing and developing within a marine environment, these sea-based botanicals absorb essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients. Through an ongoing program of research and development, H2O Plus Sea Mineral Products harvest and distil these marine ingredients and combine them with land-based botanicals. In doing so, they create formulations which are scientifically proven to benefit the skin. Whether you are seeking to balance sebum production to gain control over an oily complexion or boost hydration levels within the epidermis to combat dry or dehydrated skin, you will find a formulation within H2O Plus Sea Mineral Products that will meet your needs.

With a commitment to the conservation of marine life, H2O Plus Sea Mineral Products contain only ingredients that are harvested in an ecologically sound and sustainable manner. When you use these natural products, you can be confident that your beauty regimen is being produced in a manner that preserves the eco-system from which its ingredients are harvested.

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By incorporating H2O Plus Sea Mineral Products in to your skin care routine, you can ensure that your skin derives the benefits of mineral-rich marine algae, seaweed, and land-based botanicals.

By devoting ten minutes twice a week to purifying your skin with H2O Plus Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Mud Mask , you can improve the condition of oily and acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay draws out impurities from deep within the pores. A blend of oil-controlling marine extracts, including dulse, kelp, and gigartina, regulates sebum production. Allantoin calms and hydrates the complexion.

Marine ingredients help to combat the initial signs of aging with H2O Plus Sea Results Sea Mineral Cleanser . Nori, a type of red algae, helps to firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Himanthalia has a calming and soothing action. Spirulina assists in boosting skin cell resilience, making it better able to resist the aging process. Sodium hyaluronate and Fucogel are humectants that hydrate and lock in moisture within the skin.

It is essential to exfoliate oily and acne-prone skin to remove dead cells that may clog pores. H2O Plus Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Scrub is a gentle but highly effective exfoliator. Soft beads remove old skin cells without irritating the complexion. Carrageenan works on the skin to strengthen it, making it feel firmer. A potent blend of vitamins A, C, and E help to preserve skin’s natural elasticity. Three marine botanicals, fennel, sea lettuce, and wakame, work together to hydrate and protect the skin.

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