For most individuals, a comb or hair brush is a regular part of one’s daily routine. Despite its ubiquitous status in society, the hair brush has only been used in its modern form since the late 1800s. Hair brushes are commonly used by individuals with long, thick, or difficult-to-manage hair to eliminate knots. After brushing, the hair is often smoother and easier to style. Aside from using a brush to detangle knots, hair brushes can be used to help style your hair. By using a certain type of hair brush, you can achieve a more tailored and polished look.

If you have hair that is highly prone to breaking, you may want to avoid brushes with harsh bristles. Softer bristles, such as nylon or horsehair, are ideal for hair that is sensitive or damaged. Bristles can be made from a variety of materials. Some of the most common materials used include boar bristle, horsehair, nylon, and stainless steel. By experimenting with different bristle textures, you can determine what works best for your hair and for the look you wish to achieve. Hair brush paddles or handles are also made out of different materials. Most commonly, hair brushes are sculpted out of rosewood, plastic, polyacetal, beech, or ebony.

Using a brush can help to keep your hair and scalp clean, healthy, and manageable. Regular hair brushing works to keep follicles free from dirt, protecting your hair from environmental free radicals. Especially for people with long hair, it is important to brush regularly to maintain a healthy mane. Brushing clean hair will help you to maintain the style you desire throughout the day. Hair brushes work to remove loose hairs, reducing the likelihood of shedding them on your clothing, food, or other embarrassing places. The scalp is often overlooked with regards to hair care, but it is a crucial part of keeping your hair healthy. Hair brushes stimulate blood flow to the scalp, helping to encourage healthy hair growth and maintenance. Scalp stimulation brings out the natural oils that keep your hair shiny and smooth.

Depending on your hair type and desired style, there are various hair brushes to suit your needs. The most multi-purpose type of brush is known as the flat brush. This brush is typically used to detangle and smooth hair. Because of this, flat brushes are popularly used after sleeping or showering to restore hair to a smooth and even appearance. For general use, flat brushes are a good tool to have in your house.

Not everyone likes to style her hair as it would naturally appear without products or styling intervention. Round hair brushes are often used to create a smooth and polished look. The bristle-covered area of a round brush is shaped like a cylinder, allowing you to move it through your hair and roll areas of hair with ease. By using one of these brushes while blow drying your hair, you can achieve silky hair with gently curled ends. This gives your hair style a softer finish and provides more volume and movement throughout your hair. Professional hair stylists often use round hair brushes to finish styling a client’s hair.

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These cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair Brushes are made with a luxurious synthetic "hair" that is as soft and silky.
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A boar and nylon bristeled brush for medium long, coarse to normal hair.
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A boar and nylon bristled brush for long hair that is coarse to normal in texture.
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A boar and nylon bristled brush for medium length, coarse to normal hair.
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An all nylon brush that can be used by all hair types before and after shampooing.
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A boar and nylon bristled brush for short, coarse to normal hair.
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A 100% boar bristle brush for medium length, fine to normal hair.
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For short to medium, textured hair, this brush is the ultimate grooming tool.
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A superior, ultra-dense blend of natural bristles leaves your hair lush.
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A sculpting brush is also effective for creating a look during the styling process. This type of hair brush is ideal for razor cut or layered hair. Proper use of a sculpting brush can help to build volume throughout your hair, leaving you with a more sculpted style. These brushes are also useful if you wish to backcomb your hair.

Similar to a flat brush but designed with a more specific purpose in mind, a cushion hair brush can help to straighten hair and tame any unwanted frizz. Cushion brushes are designed using stiffer bristles and a slightly flexible base, allowing bristles to give a little bit as you brush your hair. Many individuals with long hair favor cushion brushes because they are thought to help flatten and tidy long hair, giving one a clean and professional look.

Paddle brushes have a larger surface area of bristles, allowing for more coverage. These hair brushes are popularly used for hair that is prone to knotting. Hard to manage or unkempt hair can be a daily challenge, but paddle brushes can help to tame and detangle difficult hair.

When deciding on what type of hair brush to buy, consider your hair’s needs and your styling preferences. While you may prefer the look of paddle brushes with metal pins for bristles, your hair might respond better to softer bristles that work to tame static without causing damage. If your hair is dry or damaged due to sun exposure, be sure to use a soft-bristled hair brush.

It might feel natural to begin brushing your hair at the roots, but this can lead to pain, follicle breakage, and frustration. By starting with a hair brush towards the ends of your hair and working upwards, you can avoid a lot of tugging and impossible knots that can hurt and harm your hair.

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