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Hydroxatone Stretch Marks

The miracle of childbirth can have a major impact upon a woman's body. One of the most lasting and troubling effects is the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach area. Stretch marks form when the skin is stretched greatly over a short period of time, causing tissues to rupture and leave behind scarring. Without the use of an effective treatment, stretch mark scarring can be permanent. Understanding the impact that stretch marks can have upon a woman's self esteem, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo developed the Hydroxatone Stretch Marks line to help reduce the appearance of these unsightly skin blemishes.

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A revolutionary treatment designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks.
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Additional Hydroxatone Stretch Marks Information

The Hydroxatone Stretch Marks line is suitable for use on all parts of the body affected by stretch marks that formed due to pregnancy or changes in weight. The safe and effective formulas found in the Hydroxatone Stretch Marks line target darkened, uneven marks anywhere that they occur, including the abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts. When used regularly, the Hydroxatone Stretch Marks line reduces discoloration and evens out skin texture, returning your skin to its healthy, natural tone and appearance.

Stretch marks result from extreme stretching of the skin due to fluctuations in weight or the effects of pregnancy. The Hydroxatone Stretch Marks line was designed to help women eliminate the appearance of unsightly stretch marks on the stomach, hips, thighs, breasts and other areas.

Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion is a woman's best weapon in the fight against embarrassing stretch marks. Formulated by leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Fiorillo, the lotion targets darkened and uneven tissue to diminish the appearance of these marks.

Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion contains powerful, skin-firming peptides that build up and strengthen the skin. Over time, these effective ingredients help to thicken stretched skin and return it to its previous smooth, supple texture. Anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in the lotion help to reduce discoloration and prevent additional marks from developing in trouble areas.

The powerful formula found in Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion is simple and easy to apply. All it takes is a small amount of the lotion massaged thoroughly into the affected areas with no need to rinse or wipe off the product at a later time.

The ingredients in Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion are mild and nontoxic without any abrasive or caustic components. This makes it safe for you to use Celtrixa two to three times daily to receive the maximum benefits from this revolutionary product. Designed for all skin types, the lotion can be used on even delicate areas or on the most sensitive, breakout prone skin types.

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