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An effective skin care regimen -- and a program that also provides for healthy hair and strong nails -- centers around providing the ingredients that the body needs to keep these systems healthy and functioning properly. By providing these necessary building blocks, Irwin Naturals Products empower your body to build and maintain your skin, hair and nails. Most people think of a beauty regimen as involving the use of topical products: something one rubs on the skin, washes into the hair of applies to the nails. These are certainly beneficial, allowing the ingredients access to the specific areas that need care. There is another approach, however.

Building up a storehouse of vital minerals and vitamins within the body with regular use of Irwin Naturals Products allows the internal system to select what is needed for good health and strength. Just one key vitamin or mineral missing from your diet can make all the difference to your skin, hair and nails. The carefully formulated Irwin Naturals Products provides a selected and balanced suite of minerals, botanical extracts, bioflavonoids and vitamins.

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Many discussions of beauty care talk about "feeding" your skin, hair and nails. It's true that many topical care products offer a wonderful array of nutrients for these systems, but Irwin Naturals Products also keep the body provided with an internal storehouse. Both approaches are helpful, so why not use both? Keep your body healthy and it will keep your skin soft and glowing, your hair full and shiny and your nails strong and flexible -- as long as it has the necessary ingredients to do so. Trust in your body to do what it should.

The wide range of vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, flavonoids and other natural ingredients in Irwin Naturals Healthy Skin Hair and Nails Liquid Soft Gels offer that wide selection of building blocks that are necessary for general internal health. If the body is healthy, then skin, hair and nails will benefit as well. This supplement contains vitamins and minerals in bioavailable form, meaning that they provide these ingredients in ways that the body's systems can readily absorb and use. Natural forms of other elements come in the forms of botanical extracts: for example, the plant called horsetail (Equisetum telmateia) is a natural source of silica to build strong hair and nails, and the bioperine complex in black pepper (Piper nigrum) provides the skin with protection from the sun's UVB radiation from within, not as a topical sunscreen. Just one soft gel taken twice a day can provide these, and many other, select ingredients for body -- and beauty -- health.

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