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Even though the loss of old dead skin cells is a natural process, it isn't always efficient. It's time to take control with Jack Black Men Exfoliators Products. In the normal course of events, skin cells live for about 30 days, then are shed (or remain semi-attached) like small leaves. Flakes of dead cells, combined with excess oils and accumulated dirt, dust and pollution particles deposited throughout the day, begin to build up on the skin and even clog the pores. This deposit not only begins to make the skin look dull, but allows bacteria to grow -- just the right conditions for inflammation and acne breakouts.

With the help of Jack Black Men Exfoliators Products, you can clear away the old skin cells, thoroughly and efficiently, but without throwing out of balance the important layer of sebum on the skin. More than just cleansing, Jack Black Men Exfoliators Products also remove the layer of obsolete cells on the skin layer, allowing new cells to come to the surface. Clear away the old and allow the new, better skin to show through.

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The replacement rate of skin cells is greater than for any other cells in the body, so it's important to avoid a build-up of old cells that this can cause. Since Jack Black Men Exfoliators Products help remove the old cells, the skin cell turn-over rate is improved. This gives a fresh, clear appearance to the skin, and helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The formula of plant extracts and micro-sized beads of silica in Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub comfortably removes old skin cells and invigorates, moisturizes and protects the newly revealed cells. Use it just before shaving to prepare the skin by scrubbing away old oils, dead skin and stubborn dirt from the surface, and unpacking the pores, allowing you to achieve a closer, easier and safer shave. Menthol helps tighten the pores while reducing bacteria and licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping reduce the effects of razor burn. Caprylic/capric triglyceride, derived from coconut, both moisturizes your skin and promotes faster skin cell turnover throughout the day.

Since skin doesn't stop at your face, continue the exfoliating process with Jack Black Body Rehab Scrub and Muscle Soak in the shower or bath. In addition to efficiently removing old skin cells and other built-up matter, a well-stocked formula of botanical extracts and oils, including sunflower, olive and linseed oils plus shea butter, moisturize the skin. A range of herbal extracts help to heal the skin, warm the muscles and provide long-term antioxidant benefits.

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