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No matter what your skin type and overall tone are, your lips and the tissue in the lip area are susceptible to a wide array of issues. As collagen levels in your skin decrease with age, the skin around the mouth loses elasticity and can become wrinkled and begin to sag. Damage caused by sunlight, cold air and wind can leave the lip tissue parched, causing it to feel rough, thick and even scaly. Chapping and inflammation are also common problems for the lips, resulting in redness, irritation and discomfort.

Jan Marini Lip Products are multipurpose formulas intended to address all of the common problems that plague the lips and the tissue around the mouth. The solutions included in the Jan Marini Lip Products collection contain blends of ingredients chosen based on the findings of the latest research in skin care science. In addition to being highly effective, Jan Marini Lip Products are formulated with safety in mind, so that they will not irritate the delicate skin of the lips or cause allergic reactions in people with highly sensitive skin.

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For lips that are marked with vertical lines due to aging or are red and inflamed due to harsh environmental conditions, Jan Marini Lip Products produce incredible results. The lip products are designed to remedy many of the common skin problems that affect the lips and the area around the mouth.

Jan Marini C-ESTA Lips cream is an all-in-one formula that addresses multiple skin care issues with one highly effective formula. The formula contains DMAE, which relaxes muscles in order to make fine lines less evident. Urea limits dehydration and prevents irritation due to environmental factors. Vitamin C included in the lip cream helps to brighten the skin of the lips to make them more attractive when you're not wearing lip color. In addition, the vitamin has antioxidative properties, allowing it to neutralize free radicals and reduce the likelihood of the development of new signs of aging in the lip area.

For additional antioxidant protection, coenzyme Q10 is also added to the formula. The inclusion of the amino acid tyrosine in the product further improves the color of the lip tissue, rounding out the active ingredients in the lip cream.

Designed for use twice per day, the Jan Marini C-ESTA Lips cream can be worn beneath lip color, due to its lightweight finish. In fact, the cream actually helps lipstick to cover the lips more evenly and keeps color in place for longer. The lip cream is safe for all skin types and comes in a .5-ounce inverted tube.

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