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Skin prone to acne outbreaks is one of the most challenging skin problems people face. Acne doesn’t just affect adolescents and teens, adults are affected too. Fortunately, the right treatment products can dramatically improve the appearance of blemish-prone skin. Acne is triggered when pores become clogged with an oily substance called sebum. Bacteria feed on sebum, triggering inflammation that leads to acne outbreaks. The Jan Marini Therapeutic line is formulated with an ingredient that kills the bacteria that cause acne. This ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, is recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology as one of the most effective treatments for acne-prone skin. With years of clinical research supporting its benefits, benzoyl one of the ingredients dermatologists recommend most for people with oily skin and acne. The Jan Marini Therapeutic line offers cleansers and topical treatment products that contain this highly-effective ingredient. These products deeply cleanse and oxygenate pores, killing acne-causing bacteria. The result is skin that’s visibly clearer. Find out what others are saying about these products by visiting the Jan Marini Therapeutic Reviews page.

First, explore the products in the Jan Marini Therapeutic line by reading about the benefits they offer. Then go to Jan Marini Therapeutic Reviews where you can view the experiences other customers have had with these products. The Jan Marini Therapeutic Reviews page is a resource built by people like you who have used the products treat their own skin care problems.

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very effective -1/8/2005 1:20:15 PM Every time I washed my face, I could feel tiny blackheads on my chin and around my lower lip. After using 5% benzoyl peroxide for only five nights, the blackheads began to disappear. Now they're completely gone. I use the lotion a couple of times a week now to prevent more breakouts. My skin is now perfectly clear. 5% is good because it's not too drying.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Highly recommend -5/20/2005 10:58:50 AM This is the only product I have used for blackheads that works! I noticed a difference in 3 days. Worth every cent. This will be the last product I will buy for my pore problem.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Excellent! -9/8/2006 3:37:11 PM This is a great product - isn't too drying and actually works! I use inconjunction w/Bioglycolic Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin, C-Esta Oil Control, A Factor +, & Bioclear Cream. I'm absolutely loving this line for my 40+ year old skin!
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Great!! -9/17/2006 1:33:40 PM This is such an amazing product. My blackheads never ever went away with any other products that I have tried thousands. But this one works. It's not pricy either. Your skin can be a bit too dry but works great.
Mark G
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Works! -11/9/2006 10:15:56 PM I use this product after showers on legs, stomach, chest, and shoulders for acne breakouts. Works great!
Melis San francisco
productJunkie Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: gentle, lightweight
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Great product -12/28/2011 12:21:04 PM My skin has cleared! It's not perfect but looks so much better! Im excited that I finally found something that works!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great Stuff -7/2/2007 7:31:00 AM This works great as a spot treatment. Will dry skin so be carefull! But when you feel that huge lump under the skin apply along with other products (I us a q-tip) & that erosion will dissappear. Must not us alone!! This is a extra!!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Good -4/23/2008 7:31:58 PM This product is good at preventing acne and has smoothed my skin somewhat. However, the texture is grainy, so I do not use it under makeup, only at night.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great at first -8/24/2005 6:25:23 PM I started using this about a month ago and I noticed a difference in about 4 days. Doesn't dry out my skin either. But in the last week, I have been really breaking out. I'm going to talk to my doctor about switching to the 5%. I also use Jan Marini Bioglycolic acne gel I.
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Additional Jan Marini Reviews Information

Jan Marini knows the frustration acne outbreaks can cause. That’s why they developed a line of treatment products that get to the root of acne – sebum, bacteria and inflammation. These products gently and effectively remove pore-clogging sebum while killing bacteria that cause inflammation and trigger acne outbreaks. Their line of products is effective without being drying or irritating to skin. It’s serious skin care for acne backed by science. Find out more from other people just like you by visiting the Jan Marini Therapeutic Reviews page.

To access reviews on all of the products in the Jan Marini Therapeutic line, click on the Jan Marini Therapeutic Reviews link on the introductory page. Here, you’ll find reviews on all the cleansers and treatment products in the line. You can also access reviews on a specific product from the product page. Simply click on the “reviews” tab adjacent to the product description. Each review includes three product ratings based on ease-of-use, value and an overall ranking. For your convenience, you can sort the reviews based on publication date and by product ranking.

The reviews offer insight into how the products perform on real people with real skin problems similar to what you may be experiencing. They’re an additional resource to help you select the best products for your own needs. Once you’ve experienced the products for yourself, please come back and share your experience by writing Jan Marini Therapeutic Reviews of your own. Your reviews and feedbacks help others and are always appreciated.

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