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An otherwise perfect makeup look can be ruined by an unsightly blemish. Stress, hormonal changes, and excess oil can contribute to blemishes, which always seem to appear when you need to look your best. Because some blemishes can take time to disappear, you need a way to conceal them as they heal. jane iredale Concealers allow you to create flawless skin even when you’re dealing with blemishes. If you’ve discovered the benefits of this line of products, share your experience by writing jane iredale Concealer Reviews.

As a current jane iredale Concealers customer, you are the ideal reviewer. You can accurately detail your experience with these products in jane iredale Concealer Reviews. The information you provide in your review can shape the opinions of other customers, ultimately impacting their purchase decisions. Thus, jane iredale Concealer Reviews can be powerful tools in this online marketplace, capable of affecting the brand’s bottom line. Further, by writing reviews, you allow your voice to be heard after making an online purchase. You can celebrate the brand’s strengths or highlight any weaknesses. Whatever information you provide in your review will be beneficial to potential customers across the globe.

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kmwinjax Florida
experimenter Age Group: 55+Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: mediumEye Color: brown
Pros: blends well, good consistency, good coverage
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Easy on the Eyes -2/24/2015 5:22:29 PM Purchased this product to cover under eye circles and because it was labeled "natural". I can't wear "chemicals", especially around my sensitive eyes and this product worked for me. Easy to smooth on and blend with my other makeup. Expensive but worth the money!
ViolaDaGamba Atlanta,GA
experimenter Age Group: 55+Gender: FHair Color: blondeSkin Tone: fairEye Color: blue
Pros: blends well, good consistency, good coverage, easy to remove, long lasting Cons: imposible to tell how much product is left in cont
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
"I Have Seen the (Active) Light! -1/26/2015 7:23:58 AM This product is the easiest to use I have found - and I have tried many, many types - pencil, cream stick, powder, and liquid powder. This product goes on easily, blends right in, does exactly what it is supposed to do, and leaves no evidence that what one sees is anything other than my own beautiful skin! It is not waxy. greasy, or powdery, nor does it cake or block my pores. I have extremely sensitive skin - many products are just too harsh - but Jane Iredale has created a perfect under-eye concealer. I use it not just under my eyes, but anywhere I need to "throw a little light" . It may be applied under or over foundation, and is easy to use. One qualm would be that I cannot tell how much is left in the container, so I cannot accurately determine the price/value ratio. The other is that because it is a twist-up tube, one has limited accuracy of how much is being applied. These two factors earn only 3 stars in the price/value category - otherwise, 5 stars.
tjbullard VA
experimenter Age Group: 55+Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: fairEye Color: deep brown
Cons: like white paste
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Disapointing Purchase -11/23/2014 11:20:13 AM I expected a Jane Iredale concealer to have the colors (yellow, green, or pink) that actually do conceal the various types of discolorations occurring in skin. This is just a white paste that does not dispense well.
Rileybear Seattle, WA
minimalist Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: blondeSkin Tone: mediumEye Color: hazel
Pros: blends well, good consistency, easy to remove Cons: delivery is a bit difficult
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Fairly good product -3/29/2012 7:54:30 AM Part of the problem with this may be with the Skin Store website not displaying colors better. Ideally i would have known my color choice ahead of time but this was a new product for me. It would be nice to have a better way to choose colors. This didn't cover as well as I'd like but again... perhaps a different shade is better for me. The deliver is difficult and wasteful as you turn the cylinder which causes the make up to apply to the attached brush and it's very easy to over due, then have to waste a lot of product.
Pros: blends well, good consistency, good coverage, long lasting Cons: creases
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
look at the ingredients first -6/14/2011 7:35:25 AM This concealer seemed to work well but I ended up having to go the dermatologist for an allergic reaction to it. Although I wouldn't give it a poor rating if I had sensitive skin, I have the least sensitive skin you could imagine and it still caused a really bad reaction. None of the other Jane products have resulted in a similar reaction. Look at the ingredients and make sure you know what you are buying. There is clearly something in this product that is harsh.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
great -3/26/2007 4:09:10 AM this is a great concealer and even though I did not buy it to cover a tattoo. I am not sure if this can actually cover one. I still need to use other makeup to cover a blemish because this does not seem to cover like they describe. It is creamy and I* do have the right color but I am not sure if this can actually cover a tattoo.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
it's really working! -9/2/2006 5:25:11 AM It's a very good product!Except it covered my spots,it seems it made them soother and my face looks more radiant with it!The only minus is that the applicator is suede-covered,so the product spreads as it comes out of the tube.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Difficult to apply -5/19/2006 8:32:23 AM It does conceal pretty well but it has a chalky consistency that is difficult to apply; looks blotchy. Seems to be meant for the use of very small infrequent spots only.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
the best -1/5/2005 2:55:51 PM I have tried them all!This is the best.The light and peach seems to be the best combos.
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Shopping online has many benefits, but it has some disadvantages as well. If you’re a shopper who likes to ask questions about a product, you lose that opportunity when you purchase online—until now. On the jane iredale Concealer Reviews Page, you can read about the experiences of customers just like you. Find out what they liked—and in some cases, what they didn’t like—about these products. jane iredale Concealer Reviews are unedited, giving you each reviewer’s unique opinion about this line of products. The information you glean from these reviews can—and should—shape your purchase decision.

Navigating the Reviews Page is simple. You can read reviews in two ways. First, you can scroll through all reviews to research all of the line’s products, including Under-Eye Concealers and Blemish Concealers. If you’ve narrowed your product search to just one jane iredale Concealer, you can read reviews for just that product. You have several ways to evaluate products when reading reviews. Reviewers rate the products from one to five stars in three areas: overall rating, price/value, and ease of use. They also list some of the product’s pros and cons. You can check these features out on the left side of the review, allowing you to quickly assess each reviewer’s opinion.

Take the time to read multiple jane iredale Concealer Reviews so that you can develop an accurate assessment of the product. Reviewers will have varied opinions, but you can find common themes throughout the reviews, which allow you to better understand the products that you will order. Armed with this knowledge, you can find jane iredale Concealers that work for your skin.

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