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Crow's feet. Dark circles. Under eye bags. Flaky skin. The list of problems that can plague the eye area is lengthy with each problem as difficult to treat as the next. The area around your eyes is some of the thinnest skin tissue on your body, so it's extra fragile. The delicate nature of the skin in the eye area not only makes it more susceptible to skin care problems, but also makes those problems more difficult to treat without irritation. Often, women struggle with skin care problems in the eye area for years, as they are unable to find effective solutions.

If you've heard about the benefits of the natural eye treatments in the Juice Beauty collection, you may wonder if the results that the natural products claim to provide are really possible. The Juice Beauty Eye Products Reviews tell the full story of the formulas in the collection. Each of the Juice Beauty Eye Products Reviews is a true testimonial written by a real customer. Read the Juice Beauty Eye Products Reviews and you can buy with confidence!

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Best eye cream for day use -5/23/2007 4:46:11 AM This is a wonderful light, yet highly moisturizing eye cream. It is also one of the only products that really helps my allergy-related and inherited dark circles. Definite firming of the eye area, and my skin feels wonderful. Highly recommended! I have not had any problem with dispensing a small amount from the pump, either. The aroma of neroli essential oil is wonderful! I breathe deeply every time I use this product.
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Great product. -1/17/2007 8:45:34 AM This is one of a few eye products I have tried that did not cause my eyes to tear up. It's a very light lotion, and glides on easily. I can use it on my eyelids, under eye makeup, with no noticible oiliness or smudging. And it really does smooth out the eye area. For the reviewer who has a problem with the packaging, you may have gotten a lemon. The pump on mine works just fine, and dispenses a tiny amount of product at a time.
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great product, bad packaging -7/23/2006 4:53:11 AM This product does a great job of smoothing lines under my eyes--they virtually disappear. However, the packaging is horrible. I give the bottle one small pump and a huge glob comes out. It's probably enough for three applications. I have tried to be very gentle but no matter what I do, too much product comes out. And it doesn't come out neatly, either. It shoots out across my hand and onto my vanity. I've started using this on my forehead as well, just to use up what comes out. I would purchase this again because it works so well, but not with its current packaging.
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Love It -6/21/2006 11:09:57 AM My 53 YO hubby has had itchy eyelids for years--no more--he started using this when I got it and his lids stopped itching and getting inflamed within 2 days. I noticed a fast dissaperance of my fine lines as well
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Good eye cream! -9/5/2005 6:46:27 PM This eye cream really moisturizes skin around eyes. I am not sure if it has been reducing wrinkles but I like this product in general.
Happy Eyes
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#1 for eyes -5/17/2005 1:42:07 PM Im 1/2 American indian, so I really have to take care of the area around my eyes. This is the BEST mousterizer I have tried, and I though I was going to have to throu in the towel before this
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Additional Juice Beauty Reviews Information

Natural wellness expert Karen Behnke believes that the best things for the skin come from the Earth. Her Juice Beauty skin care collection contains natural solutions to the toughest skin care problems, including those that develop around the eyes. By using the juices derived from organic fruits, the eye treatment formulas strengthen, soothe and nourish the eye area, helping to eradicate everything from fine lines to dark circles. The collection also includes eye cosmetics that can enhance your natural beauty without exposing the eye area to chemicals.

After trying out the eye products in the Juice Beauty collection for themselves, the members of our shopping community couldn't wait to share their stories. The Juice Beauty Eye Products Reviews describe what it's like to use the eye treatments and eye cosmetics contained in this top-selling natural skin care collection. Each review summarizes the pros and cons of the formula, so that you can quickly skim the Juice Beauty Eye Products Reviews if you're short on time.

Another key feature of the Juice Beauty Eye Products Reviews is the star rating system, which can help you compare the eye products to one another and to those from other brands. The ratings range from one to five stars and are given for the overall quality of the formula, how easy it is to use and how much value it gives for its price. You can sort the reviews by their overall star rating scores to read the reviews of the best-rated products first.

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