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Juice Beauty Founding Partner Karen Behnke

Behind the Bottle

A Q&A with the insiders behind your favorite brands.

Karen Behnke
Founding Partner
Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty, a high efficacy and authentically organic skincare collection with clinically validated age defying and blemish clearing results.

Their organic juice solution is packed with powerful ingredients and antioxidants bringing their total organic content up to 98%! Juice Beauty offers an assortment of Age Defying, Blemish Clearing and Daily Essentials regimens, each anchored by hero products including the Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer, patented Green Apple Peel, Antioxidant Serum and SPF Tinted Moisturizers (full Spectrum, non chemical sun protection).

Juice Beauty is the Organic Solution for beautiful skin!

1). How did you get started in this industry?

I came to the beauty business through my passion for EcoChic living and the Healthy Lifestyles industry. I had helped pioneer the Corporate Wellness Industry having started one of the first Wellness Companies in the country in 1983.

Although I had been professionally and personally focused on fitness, wellness and nutrition, I had never read an ingredient label on any personal care products until I became pregnant with my first child at age 40!! I really needed age defying and blemish clearing products at this point. When I started researching and reading product labels, I was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs over 60% of what is placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well. To make a long story short...I subsequently bought the name "Juice Beauty" and launched the Company with our first products on shelf in the late spring of 2005.

2). What is your star product or biggest breakthrough?

Juice Beauty became known for our peels and serums as they are powerful products that work well and work quickly. Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel is our number one selling product and is the product in which we were awarded our first patent. It really helped when several A list celebrities discovered our Peel and mentioned it when interviewed in major magazines as the brighten, lighten, tighten wonderdrug. Our Green Apple Peel is a powerful hydroxy acid complex from organic malic, tartaric and citric acids that is one of the strongest, yet hydrating, peels on the market which produces a glowing, clear complexion and minimizes wrinkles, age and sun spots.

3). Who/What inspires you?

My kids and my husband inspire me every day, and our customers that write those fabulously rave reviews and give us fantastic ideas. They make me want to set an example and push forward in my own way to try to change the beauty industry and make consumers more aware of powerful yet healthful ingredients.

4). Be honest, what beauty products do you use regularly other than your own?

Honestly…I only use Juice Beauty products! The only non Juice Beauty product I buy is hairspray because we don't make it, so I use Giovanni hairspray at times but that's it.

5). Imagine the future of the beauty industry and give us your prediction of what's to come.

Just like the evolution of Whole Foods where consumers grew to understand that organic and healthful food can taste better and create a more pleasurable experience…. beauty consumers will become more aware of ingredients, will understand the difference between natural and organic, and will figure out that organic products, particularly Juice Beauty products given our high antioxidant load, work better than conventional products.

6). Give our customers a beauty insider tip:

Well, please use high efficacy organic beauty products and don't strip your skin with chemical peels…use Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel to make your skin glow…but….you have to build your wellness and beauty foundation by drinking lots of water, eating healthful organic nutrition, practicing daily exercise, and including lots of love in your life!

6.5). In 140 characters or less, give us a beauty tip to Tweet and tell us where to follow you.

Brighten, Lighten, and Tighten with Juice Beauty's wonderdrug…Green Apple Peel which works for both age defying and blemish clearing skincare goals!

7). Extra Credit: Write personal reviews for some of the individual products in your line.

Juice Beauty's Cleansing Milk is my favorite cleanser because it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. This luxurious cream wash blends organic rich raspberry juice, luxurious essential fatty acids, nutrient milk proteins, and calming botanicals to hydrate, soothe, and balance. Plus, I use it as my makeup remover and it's even gentle enough to use around the eye area.

Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel has transformed my skin! In my earlier years, I spent countless hours in the sun (before our fabulous chemical-free SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer was available) training for many of the triathlons I compete in and had sunspots as a result. Since using this amazing peel, my sunspots are GONE! I use the peel once a week and every time my skin is left brighter, tighter and lighter, instantly!

Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer and Eye Treatment are our newest products that have quickly become two of my favorites. Here are some of the astounding results!

Clinically validated results (in just 6 weeks):

  • 44% decrease in number of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 36% reduction in length and depth of lines and wrinkles
  • 88% reduction in appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • 88% improved skin tone and luminosity
  • 75% improved elasticity of the skin
  • 100% improved hydration

But don't let these numbers do the talking. Try these products and experience these same results for yourself! I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!

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