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June Jacobs Spa Lip Products

Out of all of the areas of the face, the lips are probably the most forgotten and most neglected. While we may add color and polish, we often forget to treat and protect just as we do with the rest of the face. June Jacobs Lip Products are luxurious and pampering products that get neglected lips back on the right track. Unlike the skin on the rest of the body, the lips do not contain any oil glands. This fact leaves the lips especially susceptible to drying. In some cases, the lips can become so dry that they crack and peel. June Jacobs Lip Products restore hydration to dry lips and help prevent dehydration in the future. Sore, tender and rough lips can all be restored back to health with regular use of June Jacobs Lip Products.

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June Jacobs Spa Lip Products Products

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This nourishing formula helps provide superb, comprehensive broad spectrum protection and maximum hydration.
0.5 oz | JU119
This exceptional lip treatment provides instant and continual relief to dry, dehydrated, peeling lips.
0.5 oz | JU062
This three step process naturally enhances the look and feel of lips.
3 ct | JU085

Additional June Jacobs Spa Lip Products Information

In addition to oil glands, the lips also lack one other important factor; natural protection against the sun. Many of us know to use sunscreen every day but we usually skip the lip area. This can lead to burning, drying and damage. June Jacobs Lip Products also offer protection against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Incorporating June Jacobs Lip Products into your daily routine can help you achieve and maintain healthy lips.

Proper care for the lips should involve several steps; soothing, hydrating and protecting. In some cases you may choose to go a step further by exfoliating and offering your lips a specialty treatment. June Jacobs Lip Products offer full care for the most neglected area of the face.

June Jacobs Lip Renewal is a real lip saver when it comes to keeping the mouth area soft and moist. This is a lip balm that is rich in natural oils from the peach, jojoba and coconut. The formula also contains natural butters from cocoa and shea along with Vitamin E. This is a blend that is unbeatable for its hydration properties. It also offers protection against further drying and damage. Regular use of June Jacobs Lip Renewal can help reduce the appearance of lip lines which are a telltale sign of aging. June Jacobs Lip Renewal encourages a higher level of collagen which in turn results in firmer and plumper lips.

If you are dedicated to getting your lips in the best shape possible, there is no better way than with the June Jacobs Lip Kit. This is a full treatment kit that contains the Lip Scrub, a sugar based polisher that gently lifts away dead skin cells that cause roughness and peeling while rich natural oils nourish, hydrate and protect. The kit also contains the Lip Masque, a special treatment that soothes and hydrates as well as the Lip Renewal which can be used every day to keep the lips moisturized and comfortable.

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