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Jurlique Bath and Body

While Jurlique offers a full line of skin care products geared at helping you achieve a beautiful complexion, Jurlique Bath and Body should never be overlooked. Jurlique Bath and Body is an extensive collection of fine products that turn any bathroom into a pampering and relaxing spa-like setting. Jurlique Bath and Body products rely on natural extracts that perform a variety of purposes such as soothing, hydrating and relaxing. The Jurlique Bath and Body collection includes relaxing bubble baths that help soothe the body and the senses prior to bedtime without drying out the skin. There is even a bubble bath that is specially formulated for babies and children.

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Additional Jurlique Bath and Body Information

The Jurlique Bath and Body line also includes body oils with a variety of formulations depending on your needs and desires. These delightful bath oils are added to running water just like bubble bath. They can be used anytime an extra pampering bath is needed. Unlike bubble bath, bath oils do not foam. The subtle oils leave the water fragrant while also delivering additional benefits to the skin as well as the senses. It’s always fun to have a nice collection of bath oils that you can use for different moods and occasions.

After your bath, make sure you follow up with one of the body oils from the Jurlique Bath and Body collection. These oils are designed to lock in moisture and prevent the skin from drying. The oils contain extracts with nourish and soften the skin. Body oils provide a pampering and soothing experience that lives on long after your bath is over.

With so many people caught up in hectic and busy lifestyles, it’s important to treat your tired body and mind to a pampering and luxurious experience. The Jurlique Bath and Body collection helps sooth and lift the body and spirit, calming the mind and nourishing the skin.

Jurlique Lavender-Lavandin Hydrating Essence is a unique product that helps you get the most out of your shower or bath. Jurlique Lavender-Lavandin Hydrating Essence is a treatment that you can use prior to showering or bathing. The formulation prepares the skin for a thorough cleansing by softening the skin’s surface and allowing the pores to relax. This leaves the skin in an ideal state for a thorough purification. It also helps the skin retain moisture and prevents dryness and dehydration. Jurlique Lavender-Lavandin Hydrating Essence is rich in natural extracts from both lavender and lavandin.

Bathing a baby is a delicate matter since baby’s skin can be sensitive and prone to irritation and dryness. Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath was specially formulated just for infants and children. This is a soothing bubble bath that is perfect before bedtime. Natural lavender calms babies. The gentle formula thoroughly cleanses without drying the skin. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate.

Jurlique Tranquil Bubble Bath is the perfect choice after stressful days. The formula pampers both the skin and the senses. Natural extracts nourish the skin and prevent dryness while aromatic properties help to relax the mind. Just a capful is all that is needed for a super luxurious bath.

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