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Jurlique Masks

Jurlique Masks are additional treatments that can be easily incorporated into your existing skin care program for maximum benefits. Jurlique Masks were developed to give your skin an extra dose of what it needs the most. Sometimes basic skin care regimens are limited and an extra step is desired and needed. Jurlique Masks can be incredibly beneficial to the skin when used just once a week. In addition to providing an intense treatment, Jurlique Masks can actually help other products in a skin care program perform better by preparing the skin for active ingredients. Skin that is in an ideal and healthy state is more effective at absorbing the active ingredients found in moisturizers and treatment products.

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Additional Jurlique Masks Information

Jurlique Masks are pampering and luxurious products that help create a soothing and relaxing spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. Jurlique Masks are a great way to treat yourself after a stressful day. They can revive a tired mind along with tired skin. Many women love to take a bath with their mask on. The steam of the bath activates the mask and delivers better results. This also makes for a very relaxing experience. If you feel you don’t have time, remember that Jurlique Masks only need minutes to work their magic.

Different skin types and skin conditions require varying treatments. That is why there is a variety of Jurlique Masks to choose from. Make sure you find the mask that is most appropriate for your skin type.

Skin that is dry and tired benefits from an extra boost of moisture along with ingredients that revitalize the skin. Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask is rich in moisture to replenish dry and dehydrated skin. Just one weekly treatment lasting 10 minutes makes all the difference and can restore a soft and supple texture to the skin. Natural herbs along with oils from various plants are the secret behind the hydrating formula from Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask. Jurlique relies on natural remedies to restore youth and vitality to the skin.

Oily and congested skin can really benefit from a weekly treatment to decongest and lift away impurities. Jurlique Purifying Maskcontains oil absorbing clays which soak up excess sebum while drawing all kinds of impurities out of the pores and away from the surface of the skin. Jurlique Purifying Mask has a gentle exfoliating effect which rids the skin of dead skin cells that can clog the pores and cause breakouts. This mask is very effective at balancing oily skin and promoting clarity.

Sensitive skin always needs to take extra care when selecting any kind of product. Jurlique Nurturing Mask is a gentle treatment that moisturizes and calms to leave the skin feeling soft and balanced. It even purifies the skin while leaving the skin’s natural balance in tact.

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