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Harsh ingredients in certain beauty care products can irritate the skin and leave it anything but refreshed. Enter Jurlique Products, made of all-natural ingredients. Gone are the parabens, artificial ingredients, and fragrances that can have a negative impact on your skin. Instead, Jurlique products feature naturally soothing ingredients such as green tea extract, rose extract, and calendula. These botanical extracts are effective but gentle on your skin.

Jurlique features an extensive line of products, so finding the right choice for your skin needs and type certainly won’t be a problem. Jurlique Products can be used in the bath, on your hair, and on your skin. Cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and masks leave your skin feeling and looking its best. You can also find products that tackle specific skin issues, such as acne or fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. Jurlique even offers a line of products specifically for babies, allowing you to pamper their soft, delicate skin. Turn to Jurlique Products for all of your skin-care needs.

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  JQ002 Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser $34.00  6.7oz In Stock
  JQ003 Jurlique Replenishing Foaming Cleanser $34.00  6.7oz In Stock
  JQ004 Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser $34.00  6.7oz In Stock
  JQ008 Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist $35.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ009 Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist $35.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ014 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Neck Serum $80.00  1oz In Stock
  JQ020 Jurlique Clarifying Day Care Lotion $86.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ021 Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream $98.00  4.3oz In Stock
  JQ022 Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream $98.00  4.3oz In Stock
  JQ023 Jurlique Soothing Day Care Lotion $88.00  3.3oz Out of Stock
  JQ024 Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask $66.00  4.1oz Out of Stock
  JQ025 Jurlique Blemish Cream $28.00  .5oz In Stock
  JQ026 Jurlique Wrinkle Softening Cream $76.00  1.4oz In Stock
  JQ029 Jurlique Rose Hand Cream $49.00  4.3oz In Stock
  JQ034 Jurlique Arnica Cream $37.00  1.4 oz In Stock
  JQ040 Jurlique Baby's Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash $19.00  6.7 oz In Stock
  JQ041 Jurlique Baby's Soothing Barrier Cream $32.00  4.3 oz In Stock
  JQ042 Jurlique Baby's Soothing Bubble Bath $19.00  4.3 oz No Longer Available
  JQ043 Jurlique Baby's Soothing Moisturising Cream $32.00  4.3 oz In Stock
  JQ044 Jurlique Balancing Cleansing Lotion $34.00  6.7 oz No Longer Available
  JQ045 Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream $44.00  1.4 oz In Stock
  JQ046 Jurlique Body Exfoliating Gel $40.00  10 oz In Stock
  JQ053 Jurlique Citrus Body Care Lotion $39.00  10 oz In Stock
  JQ054 Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream $49.00  4.3 oz In Stock
  JQ055 Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream $25.00  1.4 oz In Stock
  JQ057 Jurlique Citrus Shower Gel $22.00  10 oz Out of Stock
  JQ064 Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask $76.00  3.7oz In Stock
  JQ065 Jurlique Lavender Body Care Lotion $39.00  10 oz In Stock
  JQ066 Jurlique Lavender Body Oil $48.00  3.3 oz In Stock
  JQ068 Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream $25.00  1.4 oz In Stock
  JQ069 Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream $49.00  4.3oz In Stock
  JQ072 Jurlique Lavender Shower Gel $24.00  10oz In Stock
  JQ073 Jurlique Lavender Silk Finishing Powder $36.00  0.35oz In Stock
  JQ079 Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream $44.00  1.4oz In Stock
  JQ084 Jurlique Purifying Mask $66.00  3.9oz In Stock
  JQ088 Jurlique Replenishing Cleansing Lotion $34.00  6.7oz In Stock
  JQ089 Jurlique Rose Body Care Lotion $39.00  10oz In Stock
  JQ090 Jurlique Rose Body Oil $48.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ091 Jurlique Rose Hand Cream $25.00  1.4oz In Stock
  JQ092 Jurlique Rose Shower Gel $24.00  10oz In Stock
  JQ093 Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder $36.00  0.35oz In Stock
  JQ098 Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil $50.00  1.6oz In Stock
  JQ099 Jurlique Calendula Cream $37.00  1.4oz In Stock
  JQ115 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream $48.00  0.5oz In Stock
  JQ116 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Facial Serum $46.23  1.00 oz In Stock
  JQ117 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Refining Treatment $40.00  1.35oz In Stock
  JQ119 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Gel $48.00  0.5oz Out of Stock
  JQ124 Jurlique Jasmine Body Care Lotion $39.00  10.1oz In Stock
  JQ125 Jurlique Jasmine Shower Gel $24.00  10.1oz In Stock
  JQ126 Jurlique Love Balm $10.00  0.5oz In Stock
  JQ127 Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator $47.00  1.7oz In Stock
  JQ133 Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream $49.00  4.3oz In Stock
  JQ135 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream $53.00  1.7oz In Stock
  JQ143 Jurlique Purely Bright Cleanser $28.00  3.4oz In Stock
  JQ144 Jurlique Purely Bright Mist $39.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ146 Jurlique Purely Bright Day Moisturizer $50.00  1.4oz No Longer Available
  JQ147 Jurlique Purely Bright Night Moisturizer $54.00  1.4oz In Stock
  JQ148 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream $72.00  1.7oz In Stock
  JQ150 Jurlique Rose Body Cream $22.50  5.2oz In Stock
  JQ151 Jurlique Enriching Body Cream $22.50  5.2oz In Stock
  JQ152 Jurlique Hand Cream Trio $49.00  3ct. In Stock
  JQ153 Jurlique Rose Love Balm $10.00  0.5oz In Stock
  JQ155 Jurlique Age Prevention Trio $68.00  In Stock
  JQ156 Jurlique Age Defying Trio $78.00  No Longer Available
  JQ158 Jurlique Skin Brightening Essentials $75.00  In Stock
  JQ159 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask $48.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ160 Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturizing Cleanser $24.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ161 Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturizing Cream $44.00  1.4oz In Stock
  JQ162 Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist $24.00  1.7oz In Stock
  JQ164 Jurlique Hydra Control Super Sleek Body Oil Mist $35.00  8.4oz Out of Stock
  JQ166 Jurlique Purely Bright Facial Treatment Mask $54.00  5 Count In Stock
  JQ167 Jurlique Purely Bright Spot Treatment $42.00  0.5oz In Stock
  JQ168 Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil $22.00  0.3oz In Stock
  JQ171 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Treatment Mask $65.00  5 pack Out of Stock
  JQ172 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil $58.00  1.6oz In Stock
  JQ175 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum $150.00  3.3oz In Stock
  JQ176 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum $56.00  1oz In Stock
  JQ177 Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturizing Cream Mask $42.00  1.35oz In Stock
  JQ178 Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist $38.00  3.38oz In Stock
  JQ179 Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturizing Cream $46.00  1.35oz In Stock
  JQ180 Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturizing Cream $92.00  3.38oz In Stock
  JQ181 Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum $54.00  1oz In Stock
  JQ182 Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Trio $58.00  In Stock
  JQ183 Jurlique Purely Bright Eye Correcting Cream $45.00  0.5oz In Stock
  JQ184 Jurlique Purely Bright Treatment Serum $60.00  1oz In Stock
  JQ185 Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum $50.00  1oz In Stock
  JQ186 Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion $47.00  1.7oz In Stock
  JQ187 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum $48.00  0.5oz In Stock
  JQ188 Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner $36.00  5oz In Stock
  JQ189 Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF 40 High Protection Cream $38.00  3.38oz In Stock
  JQ191 Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse $34.00  5oz In Stock
  JQ192 Jurlique Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel $28.00  4.2oz In Stock
  JQ193 Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Nourishing Cleansing Oil $38.00  6.7oz In Stock
  JQ196 Jurlique Sun Specialist After Sun Replenishing Moisturizing Lotion $36.00  5.00 oz In Stock

Additional Jurlique Products Information

Treat your skin right with Jurlique Products. Ditch your beauty products with harsh ingredients and strong fragrances that cause irritation. Jurlique Products feature natural, paraben-free ingredients, allowing you to pamper your skin the right way. No matter the beauty product you need, Jurlique has it. Whether you want to clean and condition your hair, protect your skin from the sun, or give your skin a noticeably younger look, Jurlique has the products for you. Choose the Jurlique Product for your lifestyle, and enjoy the difference.

Keep your oily skin clean daily with Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser wipes away surface impurities while rebalancing excess oil. The result is clean, refreshed skin. Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser includes witch hazel, which clarifies and tones the skin, and green tea and grapeseed extract, which protect the skin from damage. Calendula extract balances sensitive areas. This paraben-free cleanser is gentle enough for daily use. Pair it with other Jurlique products for maximum results.

Natural ingredients in Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser effectively remove dirt and impurities from your skin. Chamomile extract calms and soothes the complexion, while marshmallow extract locks in hydration to prevent dryness. Rose extract rejuvenates cells, leaving you with a clean, balanced complexion after every use. Add this natural, paraben-free cleanser to your daily beauty care regimen.

Enjoy soft, moisturized skin with regular use of Jurlique Replenishing Foaming Cleanser. Natural, paraben-free ingredients boost your skin’s appearance. Marshmallow extract delivers essential moisture, while avocado oil prevents dehydration, making this cleanser ideal for dry types.

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