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Kerstin Florian Acne Treatment Products

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Individuals with blemish-prone skin are often willing to go to great lengths to prevent future breakouts and to reduce the signs of active acne conditions. Sometimes, however, the most difficult problems have the simplest solutions. The series of Kerstin Florian Acne Treatment Products use formulas consisting of effective botanical extracts combined with carefully selected laboratory ingredients to create simple, but highly beneficial, treatments for acne-prone skin. This simplicity is at the heart of the creator of these products.

Kerstin Florian, a native of Sweden, established her company in 1978 based on the principle of äkta, a Swedish word meaning “authentic” or “true.” Kerstin Florian Acne Treatment Products were created as part of her comprehensive line of spa products that are now being offered for home use. The philosophy of äkta is applied to the selection of ingredients, focusing on purity and effectiveness. Ms Florian’s approach in developing skin care products is to combine spa traditions with global knowledge and research. The results are the simple, but powerful, botanical elements combined with the most advanced modern technology, used in Kerstin Florian Acne Treatment Products.

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Additional Kerstin Florian Products Information

Basing her products on the principle of authenticity, äkta, Kirstin Florian established her company more than 30 years ago to bring together the best of spa traditions and advanced skin care technology. Kerstin Florian Acne Treatment Products are part of this plan, using carefully balanced botanical extracts and well-researched laboratory ingredients to the problem of blemish-prone skin. The products are based on the understanding of the dynamics of acne: how it is caused, how symptoms can be relieved and ways in which future breakouts can best be avoided.

Just a half dropper full of Kerstin Florian Clarifying Raspberry Extract, applied to the skin daily can reduce the appearance of existing blemishes and to prevent their future outbreak. One of the basic causes of acne is the buildup of an excess of oils on the skin, particularly in the pores. An overproduction of sebum is sometimes at the root of acne blemishes. This oily, waxy substance is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin and is important to maintaining the protective acid mantle layer, to keep skin moisturized and protect against bacterial invasion. When too much sebum is produced, however, problems can occur. Extract of the raspberry (there are several species in the genus Rubus) is a natural astringent, helping to firm the skin and reduce the size of pores. It also reduces the redness and irritation normally associated with acne breakouts. Rose oil controls blemishes and, with rosemary oil, helps to strengthen capillaries to encourage skin cell turnover and clarity.

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