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Kerstin Florian Men After Shave

A number of the skin problems that plague men's complexions are due to the effects of shaving with both standard and electric razors. Even high quality shaving foams and gels cannot completely protect the skin from the abrasion caused by razors, and as a result, exposing your skin to shaving can lead to redness, swelling, razor bumps and painful ingrown hairs. Fortunately, you don't have to resort to growing a beard to avoid these problems and have healthy skin; the products in the Kerstin Florian Men After Shave collection are specifically designed to treat your facial tissue after you shave.

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Kerstin Florian Men After Shave Products

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This post-shave treatment hydrates, soothes and nourishes skin.
1 oz | KF109
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Additional Kerstin Florian Men After Shave Information

Teeming with nourishing ingredients, the products in the Kerstin Florian Men After Shave range were developed specifically for concerns brought about by shaving. Since they were formulated for men, the products in the Kerstin Florian Men After Shave collection are free of the feminine scents that are found in many products designed to treat skin irritation and sensitivity. With regular use of the items in the Kerstin Florian Men After Shave lineup, you'll develop a clear, smooth complexion despite shaving.

If it's smooth, healthy skin that you are after, your shaving routine is not complete until you have treated your face to one of the products in the Kerstin Florian Men After Shave collection. The products in the range were made to address the problems that develop due to the friction caused by the blades in men's standard and electric razors. Using natural ingredients, the After Shave products from Kerstin Florian improve the appearance and texture of your skin without any feminine, flowery fragrances or greasy cosmetic formulations.

Kerstin Florian For Men Raspberry Post Shave Extract is packed with raspberry leaf extract and ideal for all degrees of razorburn. Moisture is the secret to battling shaving irritation, and raspberry leaf has hydrating properties that are unmatched by other natural ingredients. Despite its effectiveness, raspberry leaf does not over-hydrate or clog the pores, making it as ideal for oily and combination skin as it is for dry complexions.

Rose flower oil present in Kerstin Florian For Men Raspberry Post Shave Extract has a supportive role, adding extra moisture while eliminating redness. The natural oil also provides oxygen to the tissue and promotes healing to alleviate irritation and get your skin back to a healthy state. The product comes in a 1-ounce bottle with an easy to use dropper; just half a dropper applied to the fingertips and massaged into the skin immediately after shaving is all it takes to battle the bumps, puffiness and ingrown hairs cased by your razor.

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