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Kerstin Florian VP Charlene Florian Barker

Behind the Bottle

A Q&A with the insiders behind your favorite brands.

Charlene Florian Barker
VP Corporate Creative Development
Kerstin Florian

Kerstin Florian

Outer beauty, inner health. To Kerstin Florian, these twin pursuits go hand in hand. Dedicated to helping people discover these pursuits through the spa experience and in their everyday lives, Kerstin Florian International builds on the cornerstones to well being - sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body. The Kerstin Florian face and body lifestyle programs give you simple tools that help you to find your energy, look healthier and achieve the balance you seek.

1). How did you get started in this industry?

I was born into the spa and cosmetics industry. Growing up my family would go to spas all over Europe. When I joined the company, Kerstin took me on trips to learn about ingredients and natural resources, moor mud in Hungary, algae and seawater in France, essential oils in Provence and the UK. We have enjoyed taking classes together about everything related to our industry. I have a natural curiosity about health, nutrition, exercise, cultural wisdom and overall well being.

2). What is your star product or biggest breakthrough?

Our biggest breakthrough is our Caviar line. It’s an incredibly sophisticated and luxurious blend of technology and nature. Caviar is very similar to our own cell format. It is rich in protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals. The products also include other key ingredients such as peptides and organic green tea. Our current top selling product is our Multi- Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30 in our Correcting Line. It is vitamin and antioxidant rich and offers lightweight hydration as it protects the skin with UVA/UVB sun filters. It smells like fresh cucumbers on your face.

3). Who/What inspires you?

Kerstin, my mother inspires me. She has such a passion for life and natural beauty. She taught me that everyone is beautiful. Our goal is to help bring out everyone’s full potential through lifestyle and the right products. Nature in all its forms also inspires me.

4). Be honest, what beauty products do you use regularly other than your own?

I have been very intrigued lately by raw organic coconut oil. I eat it on my oatmeal in the morning and put it on my body after the shower.

5). Imagine the future of the beauty industry and give us your prediction of what’s to come.

True beauty will continue to be a result of lifestyle. Regular exercise, psychological well being, proper nutrition and using the right products. I see a greater understanding and use of the different wavelengths of light and sound. The mind body connection will play a big role in the future as well.

6). Give our customers a beauty insider tip:

If you are struggling with dry skin and feel like you cannot get a rich enough moisturizer, check the cleanser you are using. To maintain soft supple skin, everyone should be using a proper cleanser for their skin. Sometimes it can be challenging to move from a gel to a milk cleanser but when you do, you won’t believe the change in your skin.

6.5). In 140 characters or less, give us a beauty tip to Tweet and tell us where to follow you.

Look for the advanced multi-acid and peptide technology in our Home Peel Pads in our Correcting Line. Matrixyl 3000 is a peptide complex including Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide that promote reduction in wrinkle depth as it improves the smoothness and overall skin tone. The multi acid complex is a 20% concentration of glycolic, salicylic, phytic and lactic acid to re-texturize and smooth the skin. The pads are easy to use. Recommended once to twice a week. Improves brightness and overall vitality. Cleanse the skin. Following, sweep one pad over cleansed skin, neck and décolletage. Wait 3 minutes, rinse and follow with a treatment product such as Serum C+ Infusion and moisturizer.

7). Extra Credit: Write personal reviews for some of the individual products in your line.

My personal recommendations:

Neroli Water – One of our top selling products. Neroli, from the bitter orange blossom, imparts moisture and freshness to the face and body after the bath or underneath your moisturizer.

Krauter FuB Balm - This product is a blend of menthol, rosemary, pine and lavender to protect and moisturize the feet. The tip on this product is that its not just good for the feet, its great on the legs and knees for long haul flights and great for the shoulders to relieve stress.

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