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Klorane reviews

Specializing in personal care products, Klorane, a trusted and beloved French brand for over five decades, is a natural industry leader in botanical expertise and purposeful use of plant extracts. Also well known for their strict adherence to product efficacy and customer safety and satisfaction, Klorane has historically shown good environmental stewardship in all stages of cultivation and manufacturing plants and beauty products. Klorane is an award-winning company, and we feel confident in recommending Klorane products, but we encourage you to first explore Klorane reviews.

We, too, like to do our research before buying any beauty product. Klorane reviews offer insight from customers who have purchased and used Klorane products. All opinions expressed on Klorane reviews are voluntary and uncompensated. Positive or negative, each review creates a better shopping experience for all on our website. If you have purchased Klorane products at our SkinStore, please take a few minutes to provide an honest review of your experience.

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luvskin nyc
experimentertop10Contributor Age Group: 25-34Gender: FHair Color: blackHair Type: limp/fine/thin
Pros: daily use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Great conditioner for dry hair -9/23/2013 9:26:45 AM I have long, fine, dry hair and generally found that treatment masks work better than conditoners after shampooing. I have several shampoos and masks at hand and don't use the same one consecutively so that I won't have build-up. This product conditions very well without weighing it down. I find the quality comparable to Rene Furterer Tonucia Toning and Densifying Mask but at a lower price point. Highly recommended.
Pros: pleasant fragrance
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Gonna wash that grease right out of Mom's Hair! -7/4/2013 2:52:29 PM A few spritzes revives Mom's fine, thin hair from being plastered to her scalp to grease free and fluffy. Other residents in the nursing home comment on how much nicer her hair looks and how nice it smells.
rjhea Poconos, PA
minimalist Age Group: 55+Gender: FHair Color: blondeHair Type: limp/fine/thin
Pros: daily use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Basic shampoo -6/15/2013 4:58:57 AM I used this product years ago and was disappointed when it was discontinued. I am happy to see it back even though the ingredients list is different. Does not leave my hair greasy looking by the end of the day like some of the other Klorane shampoos do.
1badknee Flyover states
experimenter Age Group: 25-34Gender: FHair Color: blondeHair Type: normal
Pros: daily use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Passed the fringe test -12/31/2012 2:28:38 PM I wasn't sold on the concept of aerosol dry shampoo, but successfully freshened second day fringe confirmed that Klorane is worth the price. Adds volume without as much buildup as powdery formulas.
YoursTruly San Jose, CA
productJunkie Age Group: 25-34Gender: FHair Color: blackHair Type: oily
Pros: pleasant fragrance, daily use, volumizing
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Best dry shampoo! -10/30/2012 4:54:01 PM I started using dry shampoos because I wasn't supposed to wash my colored-hair everyday, but I have really oily hair and need a fix for those in-between days. I've tried plenty of dry shampoos: Psssst, Tresemme, Ojon, KMS, Lush, etc. I have to say that Klorane is by far the best in absorbing excess oil. It does spray white but goes away once your rub it in. And it gives you good volume. I was originally using the powder but am glad they have a spray version too.
AnneS Minneapolis, MN
productJunkie Age Group: 25-34Gender: FHair Color: brunetteHair Type: curly
Pros: lasts a long time
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Best Dry Shampoo! -6/25/2012 9:31:51 AM I have curly hair, so when I straighten, I want to get as many days out of it as possible. This is the best dry shampoo for it! If you over-do it, you might get a chalk-like look in your roots, but it can generally be shaken out. I've tried several aerosol dry shampoos, and this one is MUCH better. It lasts 10 times longer, as a little goes a long way. It also has a very mild fragrance. So happy SkinStore finally has this product!
Annie NY
experimenter Age Group: 55+Gender: F
Pros: gentle Cons: inefficient, have to use a lot
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Inefficient -4/9/2012 12:56:46 PM Very inefficient and ineffective eye make-up remover that, while gentle, you have to use a lot to make it work and ultimately, you have to rub, thereby defeating the purpose of its gentleness.
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: F
Pros: daily use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk -1/9/2012 5:16:05 PM Best dry shampoo I have found that doesn't make your hair more greasy. Just turn on the fan in your bathroom, because there are some particles that come out of the can when you spray.
Atahini New york
minimalist Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: mediumEye Color: deep brown
Pros: good consistency, easy to remove
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
I love this product -11/5/2011 8:38:55 AM Very gentle but effective on removing eye makeup. I don't wear mascara so am unaware of how this would impact the product's effectiveness, but I am a solid customer, have tried numerous other products when I moved to an area where I couldn't find the product and finally...went online. I swear by this product.
French San Antonio, TX
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: FHair Color: brunetteHair Type: limp/fine/thin
Pros: pleasant fragrance, maintains hair color, daily use, naturally soft to touch, rebirth of hair texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Rebirth of Great Hair! -8/6/2011 10:06:55 PM I have tried several shampoos of all price ranges, from popular to non-popular in search of the most gentle yet effective product. Klorane has given life to my hair that I have not seen since I was a little girl in pigtails. When I did not need any hair product! I luv luv Klorane and would not recommend any other shampoo! Not only did it make my hair feel great, but it really took me back to my childhood when my hair was still innocent and unexposed to harsh chemicals and treatments for improvement. I can honestly say that once you use Klorane that you will definitely have a lot of extra shelf space from throwing away all the other products you will with out a doubt throw out! Thank you Klorane for not only making my hair feel great, but taking me back to child hood memories!
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Additional Klorane Reviews Information

What's the secret to successful online shopping? Do your homework. Whether you start or finish it by reading Klorane reviews, we strongly encourage you to include these pages.

You will notice a range of opinions offered here, as is typical for customer reviews, sometimes balanced perfectly on the extremes. One customer is supremely happy with the product and plans to use it the rest of her life, and another feels it didn't work for her at all. Each review offers the unvarnished truth, and each opinion is valuable. It is not a scientific trial where all variables are controlled, but if the reviewer is detailed enough, it leads you toward a more informed decision for your unique situation.

Remember, reviews are powerful tools, but they shouldn't be taken as the final word. If the product doesn't claim to heal a health issue, take rave reviews with a grain of salt. Similarly, consider that one bad review might be a result of any number of factors not mentioned in the review. Balance Klorane reviews with product descriptions, which will inform you of the product's purpose.

Klorane reviews cover the greater part of the top-selling Klorane products the SkinStore carries. However, you'll notice some gaps. We kindly request your help. A helpful review includes information such as your hair or skin type, an issue you hoped to treat, and why you were satisfied or dissatisfied. Include any other details you think could be pertinent to your experience. By doing so, you have the power to improve the shopping experience for others like you.

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