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When you apply an exfoliator to your skin, your goal is to remove the cellular debris that causes dullness and contributes to an uneven texture on the complexion. Unfortunately, many exfoliating formulas leave behind unwanted chemicals as they strip the skin of moisture and cause redness. Over time, the skin is compromised and more vulnerable to an array or issues. The Kneipp Exfoliators Products collection contains natural alternatives to traditional exfoliating formulas that allow you to remove dead skin without exposing your complexion to strong and harsh chemicals.

The Kneipp Exfoliators Products are the work of a German health and wellness company, which has been in the business of providing natural solutions for the skin and the rest of the body for more than 120 years. Completely free of strong chemicals, the Kneipp Exfoliators Products gently remove cells from outer layer of skin to brighten the complexion, clear the pores of cellular debris and decrease the depth of wrinkles. Shop the natural exfoliator collection to find the right formula to help you meet your specific skin care goals.

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Additional Kneipp Products Information

Improve the overall health and texture of your skin with the natural formulas found in Kneipp Exfoliators Products.

The Kneipp Anti-Cellulite Grapeseed Exfoliating Body Scrub is an all-over exfoliator that helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite while removing dead skin cells. The formula uses natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals, to deliver results, making it safe for all skin types, including those that are often plagued by sensitivity.

Nontoxic and beautifully fragranced, the Kneipp Anti-Cellulite Grapeseed Exfoliating Body Scrub contains a variety of fruit-based extracts that are rich in alpha hydroxy acids. These natural acids loosen the hold that dead skin cells have upon the lower layers of skin tissue, allowing them to be washed away. Tiny granules in the scrub further exfoliate the skin with friction. The scrub leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer from the very first use.

To fight cellulite on the arms, chest, stomach, thighs and buttocks, the Kneipp Anti-Cellulite Grapeseed Exfoliating Body Scrub contains sandalwood fruit. Key oils in this fruit help to stimulate circulation, increasing blood flow to the skin. As a result, the scrub encourages the metabolism of fat below the skin's surface and can lead to a reduction in dimpling and orange peel texture.

As the Kneipp Anti-Cellulite Grapeseed Exfoliating Body Scrub perfects skin's texture and suppleness, the formula also restores the tissue to ideal moisture levels. The formula contains a blend of natural ingredients, including sunflower oil and avocado oil. The formula is ideal for use in the shower.

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