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La Roche Posay Lip Products

Backed by scientific research and preferred by medical doctors, La Roche Posay Lip Products offer beauty and gentleness for those with skin conditions. Dry lips can create painful cracks that seem to take ages to heal, but using lip beauty products from La Roche Posay prevents dry lips before they start. Other kinds of lip balms only offer temporary relief from dry and peeling lips. Even if you've been diagnosed with a skin condition, you can safely use our skin care treatments.

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Additional La Roche Posay Lip Products Information

La Roche-Posay is deeply committed to creating lip care treatments with the highest standards in pharmacology. Through partnerships with dermatologists and careful clinical testing, we design cosmetics that help heal problem skin. We go beyond just throwing a few antioxidants into our products and labeling them as natural skin care. We offer you a complete solution with patented ingredients unavailable to other lip product manufacturers.

Whether you're treating early aging, allergic to other skin care products, sensitive to the sun, or suffer with oily skin, La Roche Posay Lip Products should be your first choice for highly effective skin care.

Clinical strength lip care treatments are within your reach. For best results, combine La Roche Posay Lip products and apply at a different times of the day, as indicated in each product's directions for use.

Transform dry lips with patented moisturizing lip balm. La Roche Posay Nutric Lips comes in a familiar tube like less-effective lip gloss, but this tiny lip stick boasts a wealth of dermatology research and clinically-tested ingredients. Keep this lip care product handy in your purse to reapply when needed, or wear it under lipstick as part of your daily beauty routine. Also excellent for men and kids who want to avoid painful cracked lips because it doesn't look like a woman's lipstick or lip gloss when applied. If you already have dehydrated lips, apply La Roche Posay Nutric Lips frequently for the first few days until flakiness and peeling disappear. Then, apply as needed at the first signs of dryness.

Treat lip emergencies with a clinical strength weapon. La Roche Posay Ceralip Lip Repair Cream brings the power of dermatology to severely dry lips. Stop painful cracks in their tracks and get back to soft, beautiful lips. Each person experiences lip healing differently, with some finding relief in a matter of hours. If other lip repair creams haven't worked for you, try La Roche Posay Ceralip lip repair cream and experience true transformation. Other lip care products may contain fragrances or preservatives that make problems worse—our skin care treatment line is scientifically formulated to minimize irritation and allergic reactions.

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