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For most men, shaving is a standard part of the morning preparation for the coming day. Usually, it’s a task that is done as a routine, sometimes without much preparation – and that can lead to some unpleasant consequences, including dry, rough skin, rashes, even ingrown hair stubble with resulting skin infections. With the use of Lab Series Men After Shave Products, post-shaving difficulties can be alleviated or even avoided. Their carefully developed formulas are designed to help moisturize, soothe and protect the skin against the results of applying cold steel to warm skin.

The days of having an expert barber perform the shave are long gone, so men have to shave themselves, relying on what they’ve learned by casual observation and their own experience – which is sometimes painful and occasionally messy. With the help of Lab Series Men After Shave Products, even a mismanaged shave can be salvaged. Containing many of the same ingredients used by those long-gone (and sorely missed) professional barbers, Lab Series Men After Shave Products help to leave the skin toned, clear, soothed and properly moisturized.

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Whether a blade or an electric shaver is used, the act of shaving can irritate the skin, disrupt the protective layer on the skin called the acid mantle and cause ingrown hairs (which can lead to infected skin). Even a man experienced in shaving can have a bad morning: Not preparing the skin and stubble properly, the use of a dull blade or just rushing through the process can cause not just nicks and cuts, but raw, scraped skin that results in what is commonly called “razor burn.” The purpose of Lab Series Men After Shave Products is to calm the skin after the sometimes traumatic process of shaving, and restore the skin’s moisture, soothe the tissues and create a firm tone on the skin.

That’s a big list to fill, but Lab Series Razor Burn Relief Ultra is up to the task. This lightweight soothing lotion provides fast relief from razor burn, soothing skin irritation and reducing the redness caused by scraped skin. Despite the old husband’s tales, facial skin does not become “toughened” over time, getting used to being shaved. Skin is constantly being renewed, so there are always new, inexperienced skin cells at the surface, facing the blade for the first time every morning. The best approach is not to create callouses on the face (hardly an attractive look), but to moisturize, soothe and calm the tissues. Properly treated after a shave, the skin feels good, looks great and is protected against the development of ingrown hairs, dermatitis and dry, flaking skin.

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