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M Lab Moisturizers

When you think of a moisturizer, what do you imagine it does for you? Is it just a matter of moisture? With the M LAB Moisturizers, what you find goes far beyond just a cream that keeps your skin soft and supple. Your skin is a living, breathing and delicate instrument; it needs protection, balance and care. This is what you can receive with M LAB Moisturizers. A moisturizer should go just beyond feeling good, it should actively protect that delicate and important surface called your skin.

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Your skin is exposed every day to a shocking number of challenges. Sun, wind, temperature extremes, dirt, dust, toxins, free radicals, discoloration, infections, roughness, dryness – the list never ends! Your skin needs all the care you can give it, and M LAB Moisturizers offers you the best first aid you can provide. Formulated by experts and clinically tested, the M LAB Moisturizers contain a combination of botanical extracts, time-tested traditional balms and scientifically developed ingredients to keep you skin soothed, supple, balanced and guarded against the enemies that attack your skin every day.

Your skin requires attention to retain its proper smoothness and healthy glow. The cells of your skin not only need to be moisturized, but fed as well. Provide your skin with rejuvenating and anti-aging ingredients to prolong suppleness, strengthen the natural barrier that actually keeps your skin moisturized, contribute natural botanical oils, offer antioxidants and allow the soothing, calming balms to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. With the daily use of M LAB Moisturizers, you can provide all this.

Formulated with 55% clinically active ingredients, M LAB Body Treatment Cream includes a soothing salve that provides your skin with what it needs to remain healthy. It not only feels good, it is good for your skin. Of course, it does provide hydrating ingredients, such as traditional shea butter (a salve cold-pressed from the fruit of the Butyrosperum parkii tree of West Africa) and the wonderful emollient squalane. More than that, however, it contains ingredients which attract and bind moisture to the skin, providing long-term suppleness. Sea water and sea-plant botanical extracts also provide prolonged moisturizing conditioners, while algin and serine help prevent the premature loss of moisture from skin cells. Antioxidants such as grape seed oil and a stabilized form of vitamin C are also included to protect your skin from free radicals. Also included are extracts of Saxifraga sarmentosa (clover) and Morus bombycis (white mulberry) root, to brighten and maintain and even skin tone. The cream provides a soothing, calming and nourishing diet for that most important part of your body, your skin.

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