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Every beauty product has a story to tell. Some skincare products have a rich history detailing their active ingredients and how the creators reached just the right formulation. Others may have a unique tie to a celebrity or even a charitable effort. Marula The Leakey Collection Products carry a rich history of their own. These products came to exist by the efforts of Katy and Philip Leakey, a husband and wife team who founded a fair trade company to help boost financial independence for rural village residents in East Africa. The Leakeys worked with a known plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashton Kaidi, to develop a skincare collection that harnesses the beneficial properties of an extract of the marula trees, which are found in East Africa.

Marula The Leakey Collection Products give consumers a chance to help women in need while taking exceptional care of their own skin. The treatments in this collection contain the rare marula oil, which contains healthful antioxidants and rich nutrients that effectively battle the signs of aging. The marula oil found in Marula The Leakey Collection Products also helps to plump, firm, and hydrate the skin.


Additional Marula The Leakey Collection Products Information

Every so often we find a beauty product that is connected to a good cause, such as breast cancer awareness or another charitable effort. The Marula The Leakey Collection Products follow this theme, helping women in villages of East Africa to gain their financial independence. These women earn fair, equitable wages to collect the rare marula oil, which is then crafted into products with a focus on anti-aging and hydration for the skin.

Marula The Leakey Collection Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil contains a rich supply of antioxidants and Omega 9 acid useful in protecting the skin from free radicals and unfavorable environmental factors. Protection from these environmental stressors can help the skin to delay the signs of premature aging, including the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and creases. This rare oil comes from East Africa and smoothes lightly onto the skin with a goal of increasing the skin’s softness and suppleness. Improved elasticity and a firmer skin tone result, creating a more beautiful, radiant, and youthful appearance.

The key to age defying beauty may very well be in the Marula The Leakey Collection Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil. To use this product, apply a generous amount to your face, neck, and hands once you are done cleansing or exfoliating in the evening. You can also apply this marula oil in the mornings before your sun care products and makeup application.

Marula oil absorbs quickly and cleanly into the skin with a non-greasy texture, delivering hydration that lasts. It can help to heal red or inflamed skin and also contains anti-microbial properties. This helpful anti-aging product is natural and suitable for all skin types.

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