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MATIS Toners and Clarifiers

Something about the feeling of super clean skin really starts off the day on a great note. Toners and skin clarifiers can dramatically improve the texture of your skin, especially in terms of oiliness and buildup. Toners and clarifiers typically cleanse the face effectively while also reducing the appearance or size of the skin’s pores. The overall effect is a gorgeous, more radiant skin tone and a texture that is so touchable from cheeks to chin, and beyond. The MATIS Toners And Clarifiers product line offers two different toners designed to clean and refresh your skin.

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MATIS Toners and Clarifiers Products

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An alcohol-free toner that refreshes and soothes sensitive skin.
6.7oz | MI019
This silky toner leaves skin supple, clear and pleasantly refreshed.
6.7oz | MI088
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Additional MATIS Toners and Clarifiers Information

The MATIS Toners And Clarifiers lineup includes the MATIS Reponse Jeunesse Essential Lotion and the MATIS Reponse Delicate Lime Blossom Lotion. These clarifying lotions don’t just cleanse the skin from impurities. These toners and clarifiers are specially formulated to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. In addition to cleansing, the MATIS Toners And Clarifiers can whisk away the last remaining traces of makeup left on the skin. The skin is soothed and refreshed as all the oils and debris are swept away. The MATIS Toners And Clarifiers collection is gentle and alcohol-free.

Throughout the course of the day, our skin accumulates excess oil, dry skin cells, environmental debris, and makeup residue. A fine quality toner or clarifier product can lift the buildup, revealing fresh skin that is soft, smooth, and beautiful. Toners and clarifiers leave the skin clean and clear to a different extent than basic cleansers. The MATIS Toners And Clarifiers rely on special ingredients like rose water and lime blossom extract to achieve beautiful results. The MATIS brand focuses on nature and science when creating effective skincare remedies.

MATIS Reponse Jeunesse Essential Lotion completely removes makeup while also hydrating and calming the skin. The alcohol-free formula keeps your skin silky soft while adding sufficient moisture. This product contains rose water and natural ingredients to create a relaxing and refreshing experience. Apply this toner day and night in sweeping motions for best results. MATIS Reponse Jeunesse Essential Lotion is suitable for use on all skin types.

MATIS Reponse Delicate Lime Blossom Lotion is a gentle, alcohol-free toner that refreshes and soothes your skin. The formula features a sweet and pleasant fragrance that makes using this toner an enjoyable experience. This product contains natural and scientifically proven ingredients, like natural lime blossom extract. You can use MATIS Reponse Delicate Lime Blossom Lotion to prepare your skin for other skincare treatments as well. For best results, apply this clarifier to your face and neck using cotton pads. Smooth them over your skin to clear away any remaining traces of makeup, dirt, oils, or debris. This product is especially suited for sensitive skin.

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