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MD Formulations reviews

After years of developing effective formulations and introducing the resulting high quality products the beauty market, MD Formulations has accumulated a large number of very happy customers who rely on the clinical based brand for healthy and beautiful skin. As a result, SkinStore has put together a list of MD Formulations Reviews that provide feedback from shoppers who have tried MD Formulations products. MD Formulations Reviews consist of a broad collection of ratings and comments from brand loyalists as well as first time shoppers who have just tried MD Formulations for the first time.

MD Formulations Reviews provide vital information for first time shoppers who have not yet experienced the brand. MD Formulations Reviews are also very useful for those who are familiar with the brand but are interested in specific products that they have not yet had a chance to try. Feedback that comes directly from the consumer can be the most helpful of any feedback because it contains non-biased information from everyday consumers with common skin concerns and issues. MD Formulations Reviews make purchasing easier by providing detailed feedback about the pros, the cons, who might benefit the most from individual products and who might not be suitable for specific formulas and ingredients.

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Highly Recommend! -2/19/2008 6:47:59 AM I've had really oily skin with monthly acne breakouts for EVER. I have been on everything - Retin-A, Accutane, you name it. I had used Clinique for years (Oily Soap, Type 3 Clarifying Lotion, Moist. Gel) and it did absolutely nothing for my skin. I switched to this by accident (I had gone out of town and forgot all of my skincare stuff). I bought the acne starter kit and I saw results within a week. My skin never gets oily anymore, in fact it tends to be on the drier side. I definitely have fewer breakouts and when I do it's one or two pimples, and THEY ARE GONE THE NEXT DAY! Use it morning and night, with the acne gel and the light serum and you will see results!
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Extraordinary Cleanser -11/4/2008 10:57:55 PM I have been fighting breakouts, black heads, and large pores pretty much all my life. The only time I have not had problems with breakouts, black heads,oily skin, and large pores is when I use this product. I started using this product when I was 23 years old and now 43 years old I continue to use it. Now---its not necessarily used for breakouts but its deep cleansing has prevented fine wrinkles to develop on my face and prevents them. Only a drop is needed to clean your entire face....and a bottle can last up to 3-6 months. Yes, I have "tried" other products but nothing compares to it. There is no residue like some other products have after using it on your face which further exasperates pores, clogs pores= black heads, and will eventually cause "heightened" breakouts. With a wash cloth not only do you wash off the lather but you can literally see ALL the oil and dead skin cells that have been removed from your face--your face feels fresh, rejuvenated, and soft (without the superficial ingredients of other products to make it seem so). Having large pores I never considered my skin to be soft but when I use this within a week my large pores are barely visible and my skin becomes smooth, supple, and soft to the touch. Yeah! Also recommend using the MD Formulations Acne Gel as well along with this product to get maximum benefits. LOVE IT AND CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!
MEWinMO Jefferson City, MO
minimalist Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: sensitive
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Worked wonders for me! -1/31/2013 8:09:57 PM I really like this product. I have been using for about a week now, and my previously extremely dry, sensitive, rosacea-patch-riddled skin looks radiant and smooth. I use with clinique super defense day and night, and decleor rose d'orient serum.
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I love this stuff... -6/24/2004 6:15:44 AM it's not too drying but it gets my face super clean. Just don't get it in your eyes!
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Finally! One that works! -9/24/2005 8:01:47 AM My make-up artist told me to switch to a glycolic acid cleanser two years ago. I didn't. I continued to struggle with mild acne, trying everything out there. I was even put on an antibiotic and used Retin-A Micro for several months. Nothing worked! This cleanser started to clear up my skin immediately. I broke out a little at first, but I think that was just because it was drawing all the bad stuff out of my skin. Now, I have the skin I've always wanted. The cleanser even got rid of those whiteheads on my chin that I thought would never go away. I only wish I had listened two years ago!
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good cleanser -1/20/2006 2:17:21 PM I have mild adult acne and this cleanser removes my makeup and leaves my skin clean but without that tight feeling. I don't think it lathers well but it still is an excellent cleanser.
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A Must Have -10/11/2008 3:04:12 PM I have used very expensive products from department stores and this product blows them all away! I have used this for several years and on the rare occasion I run out and use an alternative while I await this product's arrival, I notice the small dry patches around my lips return again. I do not have problem skin but I have rosy cheeks and freckles - not the skin people compliment you on but after a few weeks using this product I started having people ask me what I used on my face. My make up was the same so I knew this had to be the reason. I have used this product ever since and always will!
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I have found my cleanser.. -12/15/2008 8:05:54 AM I love this cleanser!! It makes my face feel perfect, not too dry not too oily. I highly recommend it.
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awesome creme -1/16/2005 11:37:17 AM I was given a sample of this cream and I am sold. It cleared up my pimples and made my skin glow. It doesn't look like my skin right now.
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Additional MD Formulations Reviews Information

Because the list of MD Formulations Reviews is so large, customers may choose to sort by overall rating or date the review was submitted. A complete list of all of the MD Formulations Reviews can be found on the MD Formulations Reviews page. However, in order to obtain MD Formulations Reviews for specific products, you can go directly to the product page and click on the Reviews tab or the Read Reviews link.

Some of the MD Formulations Reviews contained detailed information about the person who provided the review, including skin type, age and locations. This can be helpful when determining if a product might be suitable for you. Many of the MD Formulations Reviews contain detailed description regarding recommendations for usage and personal experience. Some customers choose to rate the product based on overall value and ease of use. Reviewers can choose to provide the minimal feedback or they can choose to provide as much detail as possible.

If you have experience using MD Formulations products, we encourage you to submit MD Formulations Reviews in order to help future shoppers make better decisions when purchasing and make the overall shopping experience more rewarding. MD Formulations Reviews provide a valuable tool for the SkinStore community.

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