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MD Formulations Special Care

Some of the products from MD Formulations fall under a very specialized category. MD Formulations Special Care is a line that offers products to address a unique issue using a very targeted approach. Not all of the products available from MD Formulations fall under a logical category. MD Formulations Special Care consists of those extra products that are very specific and can be used with other products from the MD Formulations line. The different offerings have been developed to work together in order to deliver amazing results. MD Formulations Special Care is really the icing on the cake, completing the comprehensive line of product offerings from the brand, filling in any gaps and ensuring that all essential products have been offered to the customer.

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MD Formulations Special Care Products

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Exfoliate, soften and smoothe even the roughest areas of the feet.
6 oz | MF044

Additional MD Formulations Special Care Information

MD Formulations Special Care contributes to better looking and healthier skin when incorporated into a daily skin care regimen. MD Formulations Special Care products should be used every day for best results. Cumulative results can be seen over time. Committing to a daily skin care regimen will improve the overall condition of the skin and ensure the healthiest skin possible in the future. MD Formulations offers everything most people need for great skin from head to toe.

Products that fall under the MD Formulations Special Care are intended for very specific use.

MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Body Clearing Complex Spray is a very strong and aggressive product for the treatment and prevention of acne breakouts on the body. Body acne is a very common problem since certain areas produce excess oil which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Body acne can be very inflamed with large whiteheads as well as pustules. MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Body Clearing Complex Spray was developed to treat stubborn breakouts in difficult areas. The spray formula is easy to use on large areas of the body. It contains beta hydroxy acids, alpha hydroxy acids as well as retinol. The ingredients help to kill bacteria, exfoliate, decongest and encourage skin cell turnover. This helps to promote clarity and prevent future breakouts. The formula also leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Even though the feet take a horrible beating, they are often neglected. MD Formulations Pedicreme is a rich hydrator that restores moisture to dry, cracked feet. The formula exfoliates to soften and smooth skin that has become thickened and callused. Over time, the skin becomes soft and smooth and ready for sandal weather.

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