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You love the look and feel of a close shave, and she loves to get close to your smooth skin, but shaving can be hazardous to your complexion. Friction caused by those sharp blades can lead to irritation and those unsightly razor bumps along your skin. When the hairs in your beard or mustache area are unable to break through the surface of the skin due to clogged follicles, they can even cause infections that lead to painful, red ingrown hairs. Fortunately, you can still enjoy that close shave and reduce the risk of the side effects of shaving by using Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Products.

Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Products are specially designed to protect the skin while you shave. By creating the perfect surface for the blades to glide over, the shaving creams and gels prevent nicks and cuts and even maximize the effectiveness of the razor. What's more, the shaving products even contain vital nutrients, so using the Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Products can even give you a healthier complexion. Start shopping the shaving products collection today!


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Additional Menscience Androceuticals Products Information

Obliterate that 5 o'clock shadow and get smooth, soft skin that lasts with Menscience Androceuticals Shaving Cream/Gel Products. These shaving products hydrate and protect the skin and will help you get the closest, safest shave imaginable.

The Menscience Advanced Shave Formula is the ideal shaving solution for men who care about the health of their skin. The formula makes it possible to achieve the closest shave ever, yet still protects the skin from all of the unpleasant side effects of shaving. Using the shaving formula daily will give you a smooth, soft, clear complexion that she'll love to get next to.

The shaving cream contains glycerin and aloe, which effectively lubricate the skin. This allows the razor to glide easily over every contour of your face, preventing nicks and cuts as well as razor burn. The ingredients in the Menscience Advanced Shave Formula also help to lift the hair strands away from the skin, so your razorblade can cut them more closely to the root.

A host of soothing ingredients like tea tree extract and allantoin are included in the formula to treat redness and condition the complexion. The Menscience Advanced Shave Formula also contains salicylic acid, which gently removes old skin cells from your complexion. By exfoliating your skin, the shaving foam keeps the hair follicles open, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

Free of soaps and harsh surfactants, the Menscience Advanced Shave Formula is safe for all types of skin. The product comes in a 5.6-ounce tube.

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