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Shaving cuts your hair at the surface of your skin, making regrowth quick and coarse. Waxing removes hair from your root, but it can cause discomfort and irritation. MOOM Products can replace the hassle of daily shaving and the pain of regular waxing with soothing, proven treatments for long-term hair removal. MOOM Products remove your unwanted hair—but not your skin, like waxing does. The result is more comfortable removal that lasts far longer than shaving.

MOOM Products are certified organic and contain just four ingredients: certified organic chamomile, certified organic lemon juice, certified organic tea tree oil, and certified organic sugar. Stop using harsh treatments and ingredients to eliminate hair. Now, with MOOM Products, you can enjoy soft, smooth, and hair-free skin without jeopardizing your skin’s overall health. With regular use, these products will slow down hair regrowth, leaving your skin hair free for up to eight weeks. MOOM Products remove your hair at the root, giving you the benefits of waxing without the pain and expense. Discover a new way to create silky smooth skin today.

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If you’re tired of daily shaving or unpleasant waxing, you have a solution: MOOM Products. These natural, organic products can transform your hair-removal routine, making it less painful and longer lasting than shaving or waxing. These unique hair-removal systems allow you to soothe and calm your skin as you rid it of unwanted hair. Discover silky smooth skin that lasts weeks beyond your typical shave.

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing with the MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit. This four-product kit gives you everything you need to comfortably but effectively eliminate unwanted hair. This 100% natural and certified organic product painlessly removes hair and reduces hair regrowth. Use it on your legs, face, bikini area, or underarms, and enjoy softer, smoother, and hair-free skin.

MOOM Fabric Strips are high-quality, authentic hair-removal fabric strips that are used with the MOOM Hair Removal Kit. Purchase these strips as a refill once your original supply runs out. Fabric strips are made of washable, reusable polycotton, making them durable and long lasting. This package includes 36 body-sized hair removal strips and 12 face-sized hair removal strips.

MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender gently removes hair from the root, leaving your skin hair free for up to eight weeks. This kit features calming chamomile, lavender, and lemon juice to soothe and pamper your skin as it removes unwanted hair. This kit features the MOOM Sugaring Blend, 18 reusable fabric strips, and four wooden applicators, making your hair removal process simple and comfortable.

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