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Murad Acne Complex reviews

Pimples and blemishes so often creep up right before a big event or special occasion. We are then faced with the option of concealing the acne or applying medicine to help it heal and go away. For too long we have been faced with this choice – heal or hide. Thankfully products are now available that allow you to treat acne while covering it up, and other products like cleansers, clarifiers, masks, and even sunscreen products have come a long way to help fight excessive skin oils and prevent acne. The Murad Acne Complex Reviews on our site will give you some insight into top quality skincare treatments that can help prevent, treat, and conceal acne on the spot.

This product line contains a wide variety of cleansers, toners and clarifiers, masks, sunscreens, spot treatments, and more, so it will truly help you to start reading the Murad Acne Complex Reviews for any products that interest you. Browse through our vast selection of Murad skincare products and check out the Murad Acne Complex Reviews to help you keep your complexion in check.

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A cleanser you'll keep using! -8/5/2007 12:42:34 PM I had never been too impressed with any of the cleansers I had previsouly tried for acne, so onces the bottle runs out, I'd try something new. Not with the Murad Clarifying Cleanser... I'll keep buying it forever! I'm really excited they came out with a larger bottle, because it will last you several months! Even the smaller tubes last for at least three months and I use it twice a day. This cleanser is very low-priced considering it's effectiveness (and quantity)!!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Everything you could want in a cleanser -11/19/2007 9:25:17 AM After using this cleanser for the first time, my skin immediately started to feel better. It works well and even removes all of my makeup at the end of the day, but doesn't dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. I love the cooling sensation when I wash my face and I've also noticed that my t-zone has been less oily since I started using this cleanser.
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Great Product -3/20/2007 5:28:09 AM I use the entire line and love what it has done for my skin. The only products I don't like are the moisturizer and clarifying supplements. Didn't work for me. But the wash, exfoliator, and spot treatment are right on!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Loved it -11/3/2007 4:08:53 PM It is very refreshing unlike many other toner that I have used before. I will definately use it over and over. I notice that my face is less oily and shiny after using this toner.
Cheeky Palm Beach, FL
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: gentle, smooth texture, doesn't burn or irritate
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
I have found THE cleanser -4/9/2015 8:43:44 PM I will not be caught without it! Love, love, love this one. I use it on my face, chest & back too & it has done what the Murad body wash couldn't do. My skin is clear, shiny and healthy. Great buy!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Awesome Product!!! -8/21/2008 8:04:22 AM I received this product from as a sample. I used it about 3 times and started to see noticeable results. After continued use of less than two weeks, the tiny red bumps on my arms are gone and the skin is much smoother. I wish I had known about this product in the past, because I probably would not have these dark spots that are a result of not clearing up the acne on my arms. I am now looking for a product to clear the dark spots...maybe this will help with that as well.
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Miracles do happen... -6/9/2006 8:40:47 PM I have been using the Murad Acne Line for only 2 weeks now, and I can honestly say I have noticed & so has everyone else a obvious diffrence in my skins clarity, texture & tone. i would highly recommend this to anyone !
Pam Boston, MA
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: gentle, exfoliates, effective acne treatment
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Must try! -9/15/2009 9:13:00 PM I've used this for 2 weeks now, twice a day. Other products tend to dry out my skin but this one is not only gentle, it has helped to improve my back acne which I have been trying to fight for over 2 years now. I have definitely seen improvement with this product. The exfoliant is great and leaves my skin nice and soft.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
This stuff works!!! -5/17/2007 7:05:21 AM I have body acne (especially on my upper arms, chest, and back). This stuff (if used everyday) will definitely take care of the acne. My chest and back has never looked or felt better. Believe me when I say it DOES WORK!!!
Cheeky Palm Beach, FL
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: pleasant fragrance, gentle, lightweight
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Absolute winner -4/10/2015 7:50:00 AM I love this product. I was careless enough to run out without having ordered a new one. The bottle design is superb, it lets you use it up to the last drop! I combine this with the Clarifying Cleanser and I absolutely love my skin. After a couple of minutes it feels cooling to the skin but never sticky or tacky, never. Maybe the other reviewers were applying a lotion on top of it too soon? It needs a few minutes to absorb into the skin but it does absorb completely & has a very light pleasant scent. I would recommend this to anyone!
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Additional Murad Reviews Information

Blemishes can be embarrassing and frustrating to say the least. Set your skin up for success by choosing a cleanser and accompanying products that will keep your skin looking radiant and free from blemishes day after day. An acne treatment concealer and spot treatment can also target existing pimples, helping you to erase them from your face. This product lineup even contains cleansers and sprays for the body, designed to prevent and fight acne all over. Read through our Murad Acne Complex Reviews to help you find a skincare routine that will work for you, keeping your skin soft and smooth without having to worry about pimples and acne anymore.

Product reviews have become a vital tool for shoppers to use with each new purchase. These reviews allow consumers to make purchases with confidence, having more insight than ever before into the results they can expect with each new purchase. The Murad Acne Complex Reviews on our site give you honest opinions from first-hand users of each different product, including an overview of things the user liked as well as those that could have been better. A good product review is written from personal experience and shares the user’s true feedback about all aspects of the product being reviewed.

If you are interested in posting Murad Acne Complex Reviews on our site as well, simply familiarize yourself with the products through daily or weekly use as needed. Document your thoughts on the overall product as well as its individual qualities such as texture, fragrance, and effectiveness in treating acne and other skin issues. You can post your review on the product’s page by simply clicking the Reviews tab and then the button that says “Write a review for this product.” Your feedback then becomes a valued resource for our other customers, helping them to make smart choices for their skin.

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