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Murad Concealer

One of the biggest skin concerns reported is acne. The condition affects millions of people and can produce a variety of blemishes from whitehead and blackheads to inflamed acne cysts. We highly recommend starting on the Murad Acne Complex program in order to clear up your skin and maintain your clear complexion year after year. It is a complete skin care regimen that will help purify, treat and balance your blemish prone skin, allowing you to enjoy a radiant complexion with minimal irritation.

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Murad Concealer Products

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This oil-free concealer leaves skin with a flawless finish.
0.09 oz | MR132
Oil-free concealer leaves skin with a flawless finish.
0.09 oz | MR131
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Additional Murad Concealer Information

To complement the Acne Complex system, be sure to use the Murad Concealer products when a breakout does occur and use the two lines together in order to manage your blemish prone skin. Murad Concealer products were developed uniquely for the purpose of camouflaging stubborn and unsightly blemishes and pimples. Waiting for a blemish to heal is very trying on the patience. It is particularly difficult when having to contend with a breakout right before a special event. Murad Concealer products allow you to quickly and easily hide that pimple so that you can enjoy your day or evening without worrying that someone will notice your latest breakout.

When covering up your blemishes, be sure to stick with Murad Concealer products as these are formulated specifically for acne pimples. Other concealers on the market may contain pore clogging oils that can actually cause more pimples to form.

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer Medium is ideal for medium skin tones. The formula does much more than just conceal unsightly breakouts. It actually contains powerful acne medication that promotes healing and works overtime to rid the complexion of the afflicting pimple. Murad Acne Treatment Concealer does not contain any oils that could clog the pores and cause more breakouts. The light formulation contains salicylic acid which clears the pores of dead cells that build up to cause breakouts. This key ingredient clears up blemishes fast and inhibits the formation of new pimples. Bisobolol helps to calm and sooth the inflammation and redness that commonly accompany a pimple. Excess oil is also controlled with the help of this highly effective concealer. Murad Acne Treatment Concealer provides full, long-lasting coverage that lasts for hours. Don’t just cover up that pimple. Treat and heal while you camouflage so that your complexion looks better sooner.

For lighter toned complexions, there is Murad Acne Treatment Concealer Light with the same acne medication as in the formula for medium toned skins. The concealer can be applied once or twice a day. Just use a light layer and blend as needed. Murad Acne Treatment Concealer can be applied underneath or over the top of your regular foundation.

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