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Murad Eye Products reviews

Your eyes are the first thing people see when they talk to you. Unfortunately, the skin around the eyes is usually the first area to show signs of aging. That’s because skin in this area is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the face and is more susceptible to the signs of aging. Wrinkles typically form in this area first, and some people have “crow’s feet” wrinkles that are visible at the corners of their eyes when they smile. In addition, dark under-eye circles and bags are a problem for many and usually become more prominent with age. Murad eye products can help to address multiple symptoms associated with aging skin around the eyes and can help to lighten skin pigment and dark under-eye circles. The formulas strengthen fragile skin and enhance skin firmness. You can rest assured that all of these products are absolutely safe for the eye area and formulated specifically for the special needs of the eyes. Discover what others are saying about this line of eye treatment products by visiting the Murad Eye Products Reviews page. Here, customers share their experiences with the products and provide valuable information to consumers prior to purchasing.

Begin your explorations by reading about the products and explore their benefits. Then visit the Murad Eye Products Reviews page where other shoppers share their personal experiences with the products. The Murad Eye Products Reviews page is an additional resource you can use to find out more about the product line.

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Excellent product! -12/10/2008 11:30:39 AM Just started using this eye cream and absolutely love it! My eyes look refreshed and rested. Does not sting or irritate whatsoever.
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doesn't work -11/24/2008 9:53:37 AM I've been using it for 3 months and I don't see any changes at all. Doesn't feel smooth on your eyes area and looks like I got even more wrinkles than I had before. Don't waste your money!!!
Lisa - Iowa
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I Like It -4/8/2008 4:32:42 AM After reading the 1/2 star reviews I can only tell you that they were probably using too much of the product. You don't need much at all. They recommend a dot no larger than a pinhead for each eye. Yes, if you use too much it does not absorb quickly. If you use the right amount, it absorbs nicely and gives nice results. Murad stresses that a little goes a long way. He's 100% right. Use this properly and you'll get decent results. It is NOT a miracle product. My fine lines did diminish after 30 days of use.
kar joo
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. -2/10/2008 7:07:55 PM I just can't believe they sell such bad product at such high price.
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bad product -2/1/2008 5:48:05 AM The consistency of this cream is so thick that you can hardly smooth it around your eye area. Another bad point is, it doesn't absorb well.
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Love This -5/21/2007 7:33:45 PM I have been using this product for about 2 months and have definitely seen an improvement in firming the undereye area. A little pricey but well worth it.
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not what it's cracked up to be -1/6/2007 8:48:00 PM Nice feel on the skin and it ends there. If anything, i saw an increase in puffiness and otherwise no effect for a pricey product.
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Additional Murad Reviews Information

Under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet need intensive therapy. Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer is formulated to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains UGL Complex to firm and reinforce under-eye tissue by enhancing collagen production. Combined with the power of retinyl palmitate to stimulate healthy skin cell proliferation, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet in as little as four weeks. This unique product leaves the under-eye area feeling tighter and firmer and looking visibly lifted. Skin under the eyes needs deep hydration. Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Eye Moisture bathes the under-eye region in a sea of moisture to plump up, nourish and protect this delicate area. It’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. Find out what other customers are saying about this line of eye products by visiting the Murad Eye Products Reviews page.

To access reviews on all of the products in the eye care line, click on the Murad Eye Products Reviews link on the introductory page. From here you’ll be taken to an ever-expanding list of reviews written by customers who have used the products. Each review includes three product ratings based on value, ease-of-use and an overall product rating. For your convenience, you can sort the reviews based on date of publication or by highest ranked products. Each reviewer includes information on her age and skin type so you can see how the products perform for people with skin similar to your own. Once you’ve experienced the products for yourself, please come back and leave Murad Eye Products Reviews of your own. As always, we appreciate your feedback and reviews.

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