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Mustela Stretch Marks

Women report many changes to their bodies during and after pregnancy. During the months of pregnancy, a woman gains a significant amount of weight. This in turn results in the skin being stretched out in a short period of time. The Mustela Stretch Marks line was developed in order to provide a solution for new moms hoping to improve the appearance of their post baby bodies. There are also Mustela Stretch Marks products that can be used during pregnancy to help prevent and reduce the severity of stretch marks.

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Mustela Stretch Marks Products

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Helps prevent and minimize early stretch marks during pregnancy.
8.45 oz | MU045
This treatment oil is designed to prevent and minimize new and recent stretch marks.
3.54 oz | MU052
This duo works synergistically to safely support and care for the changing skin of new and expecting mothers.
$50.00 $54.00 value
Minimizes existing stretch marks during pregnancy or after birth.
2.53 oz | MU046
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Additional Mustela Stretch Marks Information

Stretch marks are actually a form of scar that develop when the skin experiences a form of tearing that is associated with rapid growth. Some stretch marks are colored while others appear to be white. The stretching action associated with weight gain puts a lot of force on the skin and causes it to scar. The hips, bottom and belly are especially vulnerable to stretch marks but scarring can also occur on the breasts, thighs and even other areas like the arms. Stretch marks may improve on their own over time but Mustela Stretch Marks formulations can help minimize the tearing to begin with and speed healing after pregnancy. Mustela Stretch Marks can help restore lost confidence associated with changes to the body.

Many women put all of their focus onto their babies before and after giving birth. Mustela Stretch Marks products allow new mothers to care for their own bodies after sacrificing so much for their little ones.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action can be used prior to giving birth in order to prevent the formation of stretch marks and reduce the appearance of those that do manage to form. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action can be used all over the body, wherever stretch marks may form. The formula supports healthy elasticity in the skin so that it maintains its shape more easily even during rapid weight gain. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action can also be used on recent stretch marks to improve the appearance and encourage faster healing. This is a very gentle product that is absolutely safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding. It will not discolor fabric.

If you already have stretch marks and want the strongest solution possible to improve the appearance of your skin, consider Mustela Stretch Marks Intensive Action. This is a light gel formula that tackles even the toughest of stretch marks. It works wonders at reducing the look of stretch marks, making them smaller, lighter in color and less noticeable. Mustela Stretch Marks Intensive Action stimulates the skin with a unique blend of exfoliating acids, vitamins and silicium. You can use this product while breast feeding. Mustela Stretch Marks Intensive Action has been tested for safety and will not harm your newborn baby.

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