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Mustela Treatments

As hard as new parents work to keep their babies clean, diaper rash is a very common problem. Mustela Treatments can help prevent and treat diaper rash, a condition that is actually a form of dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. Diaper rash shows itself as a red pattern of patches on babies’ bottoms. Because babies continuously wear diapers and we cannot always change them when they need it, the skin sits in excess moisture. The situation may worsen with illness or change of diet. Lack of air to the bottom can also contribute to diaper rash. Mustela Treatments are very effective at helping to cope with diaper rash by speeding the healing and allowing the skin to defend itself. Mustela Treatments are also very effective at preventing the problem or reducing the severity. Make sure you change your baby’s diaper frequently so as not to allow moisture to sit on the skin. If the dreaded rash does develop, take action immediately with Mustela Treatments.

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A rich treatment for extremely dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin.
6.7 oz | MU048
Helps remove cradle cap quickly to restore skin's balance and comfort.
1.3 oz | MU034
No Longer Available

Additional Mustela Treatments Information

Diaper rash is usually very responsive to Mustela Treatments. Whether you are seeing the first signs of a rash or you are in the midst of a major irritation, Mustela Treatments can get your baby’s skin back on the right track.

Diaper rash doesn’t have to be a headache. With Mustela Treatments, there is an effective way to treat the condition and keep it at bay.

Not only do Mustela Treatments speed the healing of diaper rash but they can also be used as a preventive. Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream actually creates a barrier between wetness and your baby’s skin. This helps to keep irritants out and encourages healthy skin function. Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream is loaded with both healing and protective ingredients. Vitamins and moisturizers help to soften and nourish delicate skin in order to keep it supple and comfortable. Zinc oxide is a natural mineral which keeps moisture from reaching the surface of the skin. It is naturally soothing, cooling and it can even speed the healing of minor irritations. Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream is a rich cream that goes to work immediately to lessen redness associated with diaper rash.

When babies start eating solid foods, they are more susceptible to diaper rash. It is during the ages of six to twelve months that the most serious cases of rash tend to form. When a serious case of diaper rash appears on your baby’s bottom, take action immediately with Mustela Stelactiv. This exceptional diaper ointment provides instant relief from the burning, swelling and redness associated with diaper rash. The formula is soothing, healing but also protective, helping to keep rashes at bay going forward. It is safe to use on even the most delicate skin, containing only gentle and beneficial ingredients.

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