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Neova Exfoliators

No skin care regimen is complete without regular exfoliation involving the elimination of the dead surface cells that build up over time. Everyone turns over skin cells at a different rate but everyone needs to eliminate them regularly in order to maintain a healthy complexion. Neova Exfoliators refine the skin to smooth away dead cells and impurities which can cloud a complexion, causing a dull surface appearance. Neova Exfoliators deeply purify to rid the skin of pore clogging debris which can lead to breakouts and blemishes. Regular exfoliation can even encourage a higher rate of skin cell turnover and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Neova Exfoliators Products

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Helps to polish away dead, flaky skin.
2.2 oz | PC011
No Longer Available

Additional Neova Exfoliators Information

Regular use of Neova Exfoliators encourage a brighter, more even skin tone so that dark patches and spots are minimized. Your moisturizer and treatment products will also perform better as they will more easily penetrate the layers of skin rather than having to get past layers of dead skin and impurities. These refining products can easily be incorporated into your weekly skin care regimen in order to maintain smooth and even skin. Neova Exfoliators should be considered a vital part of a comprehensive program for healthy and radiant skin.

The act of exfoliating can involve a chemical process using acids which break up the cement that holds skin cells together or a physical process which involves polishing particles to smooth away dead skin. Both methods are effective and one method may be preferable by some people. The Neova Exfoliators line includes both chemical and physical options.

Neova Smoothing Gel by ProCyte uses an unbuffered glycolic acid exfoliator in a 10% solution that effectively dissolves the substance that causes dead skin cells to stick together. As dead skin cells are eliminated and the pores are purified, circulation improves and the overall skin condition becomes healthier and more radiant. Regular use of Neova Smoothing Gel by ProCyte will result in soft and smooth skin with an improvement in the appearance of lines, dark spots and enlarged pores. This is a great product for anyone looking to even out the skin tone.

Neova Microdermabrasion Scrub by ProCyte is a physical exfoliator that uses polishing granules to detach and wash away layers of dead skin. Even dry, rough and flaky skin can be eliminated with the help of Neova Microdermabrasion Scrub by ProCyte. This product offers a great way to keep the complexion soft and smooth in between profession microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels. You can use the scrub two to three times a week depending on your skin type, how fast you turn over skin cells and how well your skin tolerates physical exfoliation. Make sure to apply to clean skin that is still moist. Gently massage the product onto the skin for one to two minutes and then thoroughly rinse to remove all traces of the exfoliating crystals.

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