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Color, light, sound, feel -- all of these contribute to the pleasure of a setting, but add a beautiful fragrance to a room and it all combines into a single sensual experience. The scents offered by NEST Products are designed to provide this important dimension to a location, whether it be a living space or a bedroom, a bathing area or a place for relaxation and reflection. The human sense of smell (olfaction) is so closely tied to the centers of mood, memory and pleasure that the right fragrance can evoke a feeling of peace, pleasure and relaxation.

Since founding her line of home fragrances in 2008, the experienced fragrance designer Laura Slatkin has worked in collaboration with the world's finest perfumers to create NEST Products, a line of candles, soaps and diffusers of the highest quality. Her selection of oils and concentrates are added to carriers that help diffuse them throughout a space. Using evenly burning soy wax blends, cleansing and moisturizing hand soaps and efficient diffuser sets, the NEST Products combine the quality of fragrances and the beauty of well-designed and made objects.

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  NG001 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Bamboo $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG002 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Grapefruit $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG003 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Moroccan Amber $34.00  8.1oz Out of Stock
  NG004 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Moss and Mint $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG005 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Orange Blossom $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG006 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Wasabi Pear $34.00  8.1oz Out of Stock
  NG007 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Pumpkin Chai $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG008 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Bamboo $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG009 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Grapefruit $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG010 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Moroccan Amber $38.00  5.9oz Out of Stock
  NG011 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Moss and Mint $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG012 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Orange Blossom $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG013 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Wasabi Pear $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG014 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Bamboo $22.00  10oz In Stock
  NG015 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Grapefruit $22.00  10oz Out of Stock
  NG016 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Moroccan Amber $22.00  10oz Out of Stock
  NG017 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Moss and Mint $22.00  10oz In Stock
  NG018 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Orange Blossom $22.00  10oz In Stock
  NG019 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Wasabi Pear $22.00  10oz In Stock
  NG020 NEST Fragrances Sir Elton John Votive Gift Set $54.00  6 x 0.95oz In Stock
  NG021 NEST Fragrances Votive Gift Set $40.00  6 x 0.95oz In Stock
  NG024 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Sir Elton John's Woodside Garden $38.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG025 NEST Fragrances Body Wash - Bamboo $28.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG026 NEST Fragrances Body Wash - Grapefruit $28.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG027 NEST Fragrances Body Wash - Moroccan Amber $28.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG028 NEST Fragrances Body Wash - Moss and Mint $28.00  6.7oz Out of Stock
  NG029 NEST Fragrances Body Wash - Orange Blossom $18.20  6.7oz No Longer Available
  NG030 NEST Fragrances Body Wash - Wasabi Pear $28.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG031 NEST Fragrances Body Cream - Bamboo $32.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG032 NEST Fragrances Body Cream - Grapefruit $32.00  6.7oz Out of Stock
  NG033 NEST Fragrances Body Cream - Moroccan Amber $32.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG034 NEST Fragrances Body Cream - Moss and Mint $32.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG035 NEST Fragrances Body Cream - Orange Blossom $32.00  6.7oz In Stock
  NG036 NEST Fragrances Body Cream - Wasabi Pear $19.20  6.7oz In Stock
  NG037 NEST Fragrances Body and Soul Spray - Bamboo $48.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG038 NEST Fragrances Body and Soul Spray - Grapefruit $48.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG039 NEST Fragrances Body and Soul Spray - Moroccan Amber $48.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG040 NEST Fragrances Body and Soul Spray - Moss and Mint $48.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG041 NEST Fragrances Body and Soul Spray - Orange Blossom $48.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG042 NEST Fragrances Body and Soul Spray - Wasabi Pear $48.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG043 NEST Fragrances White Narcisse Gift Set $58.80  In Stock
  NG044 NEST Fragrances White Narcisse Scented Candle $48.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG045 NEST Fragrances Breast Cancer Awareness Candle - BCA $28.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG046 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Sicilian Tangerine $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG047 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Sicilian Tangerine $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG048 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Sicilian Tangerine $22.00  10oz Out of Stock
  NG049 NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Vanilla Orchid and Almond $34.00  8.1oz In Stock
  NG050 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Vanilla Orchid and Almond $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG051 NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Vanilla Orchid and Almond $22.00  10oz In Stock
  NG053 NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Birchwood Pine $38.00  5.9oz In Stock
  NG054 NEST Fragrances Room Spray - Birchwood Pine $21.00  3.4oz In Stock
  NG057 NEST Fragrances Room Spray - Holiday $28.00  3.4oz In Stock

Additional NEST Products Information

One of the most basic and emotion-laden of the five senses, the ability to perceive fragrance has been valued throughout human history. A selection of beautifully crafted fragrances, designed in conjunction with the world's leading perfumers, is now available from NEST Products. These candles, hand soaps and diffusers offer a range of mood-setting scents for your personal spaces. With the available variety, you can choose which best suits your mood and desires.

The interplay of flamelight and scent, evoking the gentle joys of autumn pleasure, is brought to you with NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Pumpkin Chai. The classic shape is housed in a modern design of a striped crystal-clear glass, diffusing the light of the flame. The cozy aroma of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon evoke times of warm comfort as the trees clothe themselves in autumn colors. Even the simple act of washing and refreshing your hands with soft, gentle soap can be increased in impact with the addition of a light, clean fragrance.

The pure scent of an Asian grove are evoked with NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap - Bamboo, as the rich rice oil esters, aloe leaf extract and essence of the madake bamboo, so beloved by the Japanese, smooth your skin.

A gentle citrus scent can provide a refreshing olfactory background in any space with NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser - Grapefruit. The alcohol-free formula gently releases the aroma of pink pomelo grapefruit for up to 90 days with this beautiful reed holder.

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