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Obagi reviews

Taking care of our skin is such an important task. It must be addressed on a daily basis, and top quality skincare products can make the process even easier. The Obagi brand offers a wealth of effective skincare treatments for just about every task and condition, from washing and toning to sun protection and wrinkle reduction. You can add select Obagi products to your existing skincare regimen for a luxurious twist or choose your own complete collection of Obagi products to keep your skin looking youthful, radiant, and healthy.

Reading up on Obagi Reviews can make it so much easier in narrowing down the wide world of Obagi skincare products. On our website you will find reviews for cleansers, toners, clarifiers, moisturizers, skincare products for your eyes, sun protectants, and an endless array of anti-aging treatments and serums. You can find our Obagi Reviews below and also on the product description pages for each specific product you want to explore. Read as many Obagi Reviews as you like so that you are comfortable making a choice on a new product or selection of products for a whole new experience in skincare.

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Joyce C.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
BEST PRODUCTS!!! -7/29/2003 8:49:50 AM I been using Obagi Product line for three(3) months now and WOW!, my age spots and fine lines disappeared over 75%! (I use the whole skin care line). The cleanser alone is FANTASTIC!
anne dostal
Overall Rating Overall Rating
loved it -8/11/2003 5:53:07 AM
Nancy c
Overall Rating Overall Rating
its great -4/2/2004 1:43:29 PM i have used the product for approx one year and i love it. it leaves my skin soft and clean. not tight dry or slimy. just clean and clear. thanks
Overall Rating Overall Rating
the best! -6/6/2004 7:51:10 PM This is the only cleanser I have ever found that really deep cleans without stripping and giving a sore or taught feeling to the skin.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Love It! -8/20/2004 8:28:04 PM I am using the entire Objai line. Especially love this product. Leaves my skin clean and very soft. Does not dry it out.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
best ever -11/27/2004 9:23:59 PM My face really feels deep down clean and refreshed. Nothing I have ever used works like this. Also cleared up my teenage son's face almost overnight. This product is the best ever.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Absolutely the Best! -4/24/2005 9:36:08 PM It's the only facial cleanser that I've tried that is truly non-drying. Face feels clean and refreshed, not tight. After 7 months, I'm still using my first bottle. About Ogabi Nu-Derm in general: As recommended by my dermatologist, I've been using the Obagi skin care system for 7 months now and it has worked wonders on my acne and hyperpigmentation! For the first 2 months, I looked like a red peeling monster, but the end result is truly amazing! For the first time, I have even-toned, virtually acne-free skin. I've tried various antibiotics, acne regimens, peels, slushes, and hydroquinone creams. Obagi is my miracle worker!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
highly recommend -5/22/2005 2:15:29 PM The cleanser alone cleared my face, then I added clear, exfoderm, and retin-a, my skin just glows. I have tried many lines (MD Forte, Neostrata, Epicuren) but nothing else compares to Obagi. The eye cream is the best I have ever used, and the sunscreen does not break my skin out.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
2 thumbs up -5/4/2006 6:31:09 PM Left no irritation. My skin has balanced the moisture and dryness out with the help of obagi cleanser. Reduced break-outs. Will definitely buy again.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Recommend -5/12/2006 3:35:45 AM This product cleans well. It removes the oils from my combination skin and doesn't dry the rest of my face. It's also great at removing water-proof mascara. I also recommend the entire Obagi line of products.
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Additional Obagi Reviews Information

Reading reviews about just about anything before buying is a wise move. You can find out what other people found to be effective as well as learning the pros and cons of a specific product and similar options. Reading a variety of Obagi Reviews will allow you to become familiar with the product before you even spend your money on something new. You can learn about the reviewer’s experiences as well as their favorite and least favorite things about each product reviewed.

If you are a fan of Obagi skincare products, or even a first-time user, we invite you to add your own Obagi Reviews to our website. Your personal experience in using these treatments becomes invaluable knowledge for anyone contemplating a purchase. Even if you have never written a beauty review before, you will find the process to be quick and easy. All you need to do is compose your feelings about the product, sharing your own honest opinion. How did you like the fragrance? The texture? The method of application? Did you see any results right away? What results did you notice over the course of use, perhaps over a few days or maybe a week?

Sharing this first-hand, practical knowledge makes it so much easier for others to learn about the products based on your experiences. If you are stumped for ideas on what to write in your product review, take some time to read other Obagi Reviews on this page or on different product pages on our website. You can also try writing your review right after you’ve used the product for a fresh perspective, or later in the day to document the results. Share your insight and inspiration to help others find the best products they possibly can for their individual skincare needs. We are a community here, and we encourage everyone to share insight, ideas, and personal experiences!

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