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Cleansing the hair of the buildup that occurs from the use of various beauty care products is a task that many individuals undergo each day. It’s necessary to avoid the dullness and loss of vitality that can occur otherwise. Whether you enjoy using traditional concoctions every day or every other day, Oscar Blandi has a formulation that is more than likely to meet your personal needs. This line of hair care products also includes the revolutionary style of dry shampoo that makes it easy to freshen your hair without jumping in the shower! If you’d like to learn more, please take the time to peruse our informative medley of Oscar Blandi Shampoos Reviews.

Written by customers who have already used one of these shampooing products, our Oscar Blandi Shampoos Reviews offer a look at how well the formulas perform, how they smell, how they feel, and so much more. If you combine the details that you learn about by reading the Oscar Blandi Shampoos Reviews with the product description, you’ll be able to make an informed selection of your next product.

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L. Nassar
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something wrong -11/26/2008 7:16:31 AM I have tried this product twice (one was a replacement) and both times the product virtually evaporated out of the bottle after only one or two uses! With the second bottle, I kept checking it (shaking) to make sure it still had product in it, and now all of a sudden, the bottle is empty again! It must be highly volatile, but not worth $21 for 2 uses!
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A Lifesaver! -11/17/2008 12:57:54 AM This stuff is the reason I'm never late to work, despite my love affair with the Snooze Button. It smells lovely, absorbs all of the excess oil and product in my hair, and gives me a fresh start in the morning ... it's almost as if I'd actually spent those additional 50 minutes washing, drying, and straightening instead of snoozing. As if!
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Not Impressed -7/6/2008 5:53:24 PM Not impressed with this one. I loved the scent but it did nothing more than any other powder would do. In order to soak up enough oil & refresh my hair & style, I had to use more but then it looked like white granny hair. I hate that because I did love the scent. Maybe if you have normal to dry hair it possibly works but I would save your money & buy the cheaper alternative.
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Has sulfates! -2/14/2008 6:59:46 AM I love the smell of the Jasmine line - it's amazing! But I won't use the shampoos because THEY ALL HAVE SULFATES! I wish he'd reformulate without the harsh sulfates.
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i don't like it -2/1/2008 12:26:46 PM I didn't like this product; i was expecting something that would be less powdery. I couldn't brush it out, it made my scalp itch. I wouldn't order it again
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Great for brunettes -1/23/2008 6:31:55 AM Don't fear if you have dark hair. I'm a brunette and I absolutely love this product. Having dark hair just means that I have to brush it through thoroughly. I have oily skin and I wear my hair with bangs. By mid-day my bangs are pretty greasy and stringy. I just sprinkle a bit of this in my hands and rub into my hair, then brush through. Voila, good as new. And the smell is delightful. I will never be without this product.
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Not For Brunettes -1/22/2008 8:36:45 PM While this product does work wonders, it is a white powder and doesn't blend so well with darker hair. I can massage it into my scalp and brush it out forever and it still makes my hair have a greyish sheen. I think the Biondi dry shampoo spray may be a better option.
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I fell in LOVE -11/16/2007 10:43:52 PM I absolutely love this product! I normally wash my hair every other day because it's so long (down to by behind). Just using Aveda's pure abundance hair potion on my roots before blow-drying kept it looking fresh into the second day, but by the third, it would look a bit oily. Now, I just use OB dry shampoo on that third day and my hair not only looks fresh, it feels fresh; it actually looks and feels better than it did on the second day! I touch my roots and they are completely dry! AMAZING! It smells great (fresh citrus) and works wonders. I don't know how I ever lived without it :)
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Works great! -11/9/2007 3:10:22 AM I've been looking for something that will allow me to skip a day washing my hair now and then. My hair is very oily, and I've tried other brands that are supposed to 'refresh' your second day hair, and they just don't work for me. I will say the first time I used it I was a little disappointed - I thought it made my hair look dirty, but I had used too much. The next time I put on a little at a time, stopping to massage it into my hair and scalp until I couldn't see it anymore, only adding more as I needed it. That worked great! I am so excited about this product. I don't know that it helps my oil slick hair well enough to go out on on a date the second day, but it does a great enough job that I could go shopping or run errands and not worry about looking as though I haven't washed my hair. I imagine it would be even that much better for those whose hair is not as oily as mine is! This would be fantastic for anyone who is going to have surgery or is disabled and can not wash their hair daily. It smells nice, too!
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fantastic -10/25/2007 7:51:01 AM A great product. I use it on my bangs almost every day to prevent them from getting greasy-looking by the end of the day. It also lets me go up to 3 days without washing my hair: a huge time-saver in the mornings! The smell is great as well.
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This collection includes styles that volumize, smooth, and refresh the natural health and strength of your hair in addition to cleansing away dirt and grime. Browsing through the current selection of Oscar Blandi Shampoos Reviews makes it possible for you to learn how well they deliver on their intended capabilities without having to invest a single cent. You can start reading through the ones that have been included on this page, or you can rearrange them by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu to the top right of the page. If you decide to look at the individual product page for one of the choices that you have, you can always navigate back to the reviews simply by clicking on the link on the left-hand side of that page.

Each of the Oscar Blandi Shampoos Reviews is casual in tone, short in length, and filled with important details. You might read over a few tips about how to get the most out of your purchase or about which other products complement its use. At some point, you should read up on the pros and cons that the shopper includes as well as the rating that is found directly beneath them. You can discover so many important qualities offered by these formulas that it doesn’t make sense to ignore them. If you believe that our Oscar Blandi Shampoos Reviews have been an important part of your shopping decision, please stop back and submit one of your own to share with future shoppers.

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