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Oscar Blandi Treatments

Hair treatments are just that – treats for your hair that leave it feeling smooth and silky. Oscar Blandi treatments will enhance the color, deeply nourish the hair from the roots, prevent fading of color-treated hair, protect hair from heat styling as well as the elements, repair damaged hair, and ensure each strand is more manageable. Oscar Blandi treatments are good for all hair types whether frizzy, dry, or oily. Hair care treatments finish the process after shampooing and conditioning, preparing locks for further styling products.

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Oscar Blandi Treatments Products

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Prevents color fading and illuminates the hair with spectacular shine.
5 oz | OC069

Additional Oscar Blandi Treatments Information

The many natural botanicals used in the products don't just add scent. They add health to your hair. Many of the Oscar Blandi treatments are based on products Oscar Blandi created for his well-known New York City hair salon, all with a touch of old Italian traditions. Some ingredients in the hair care products were originally formulated for skin care, but were found to work wonders for the hair as well. When you use these products, you will feel like you are giving yourself a spa treatment. So treat yourself to Oscar Blandi treatments and enjoy the luxurious results.

All hair types can benefit from Oscar Blandi treatments. They should be used after the hair has been shampooed. They are formulated to add lost luster to the hair and rejuvenate the strands along with the scalp.

Oscar Blandi At Home Salon Glaze is a clear rinse for the hair to be used after shampooing. It nourishes the hair with emollients from plants, protects the strands and results in a clean touch and feel, a rich watery shine, and a smooth silky appearance. Color-treated hair will be preserved and protected from fading. The color will be enhanced. Shampoo and condition your hair before using. Dry it with a towel so that it's damp before applying the glaze. Add the glaze at the roots and comb it to ensure it's well-distributed. It should be left in for no less than one minute, but three minutes is ideal. Simply rinse it out with luke-warm water when ready.

Oscar Blandi Trattamento di Fango Marine Mud Treatment is an old fashioned mud wrap for your hair. It was once used to relieve aching muscles and joints in the body, but those same healing powers found in Marine or Fango mud are now found in the Oscar Blandi hair treatment. The mud treatment adds elasticity to your hair as it conditions it. After shampooing, spread the mud evenly through the hair to the scalp. Leave it for no more than fifteen minutes. For better results, wrap a hot and wet towel around your head and cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag to keep the heat in. Rinse with luke-warm water.

Oscar Blandi Trattamento di Jasmine Smoothing Hair Treatment is a treatment used mainly for fine flyaway or frizzy hair. It smooths it out and strengthens the hair shaft, making it less susceptible to breakage and splitting. It's an ideal treatment to use prior to styling your hair. The product is enriched with botanical extracts that not only add scent, but rejuvenate the hair faster than many smoothing products, helping to keep the frizzies at bay. Apply in the same manner as Oscar Blandi Trattamento di Fango Marine Mud Treatment. The hot towel works wonders.

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