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The first, important step in any beauty care regimen is to cleanse. Removing the excess oils, dirt, smoke and particles deposited by the environment and ridding the scalp of the accumulated dead skin cell flakes is the initial task of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Shampoos Products. Once clean, the hair shafts, follicles and scalp can be treated with the natural botanical extracts and oils, plus other proven and safe ingredients, to add strength, shine and luster. Hair, and the scalp from which it grows, absorb and utilize the healing and strengthening ingredients provided by Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Shampoos Products.

As part of an overall beauty care line, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Shampoos Products contain artisanal, elegant formulations which offer alternatives to commercial brands. Unlike products which concentrate on the visual appearance and merchandizing, this line contains only the purest, highest quality ingredients. No coal tar dyes or other artificial colors or added fragrances are used. Instead, the formulas consist of carefully selected botanical ingredients, algae extracts and natural forms of important vitamins. The results provide a clean, fresh scalp and strengthened and moisturized hair.

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Cleaning and renewing the scalp and hair shafts, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Shampoos Products removes excess sebum and dead skin cells shed by the scalp. Unclogging the pores and hydrating scalp tissues provides a healthy environment for the living hair follicles, allowing a strong base for the hair shafts. The scalp, as with all skin surfaces, reacts to the accumulation of detritus; clogged pores and excess oils can result in forms of dermatitis that lead to inflammation and itching. The length of the hair is also cleansed of deposited oils, smoke and dirt. Not only does this reveal the natural shine and beauty of hair, but frees it from the weight of attached particles. The next stage is to provide important nourishment to hair, skin tissues and follicles. A healthy scalp feels fresh and renewed, while properly moisturized hair shafts are thicker and less prone to breaking and splitting.

As part of the FNS System of beauty care, Osmotics FNS Ladies Revitalizing Shampoo provides a cleansing, nourishing treatment for thinning, fine or weak hair. The formula helps to renew, strengthen and build up hair. The formula contains natural botanical extracts, including aloe vera gel, algae extract (Laminaria cloustonii), wheat amino acid and extract of cucumber, ginseng and rosemary. Strengthening and revitalizing vitamins, provided in natural, easily absorbed form, include niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and vitamin C. Together, these ingredients help to keep the scalp healthy and able to function properly. Hydrated and strengthened hair shafts have natural body and shine.

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