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Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit

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description for PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit

Personal microdermabrasion tool comes with two different sizes of disc attachments, offering two different grits for exfoliation. Vacuum action in the tool sucks the skin into the rotating disc, bringing blood flow and collagen to the surface. Removes the thin layer of dead skin cells so that rejuvenation creams and serums can sink deeper into the skin and work more effectively.


  • Greatly enhances poor, dull skin texture by gently resurfacing the superficial skin layers.
  • Softens and modifies fine “expression” lines typically seen on the forehead and around the mouth.
  • Polishes and reduces fine, crêpe lines on the cheeks generally caused by aging and sun damage.
  • Smoothes pigment changes or skin discoloration.
  • Contracts enlarged pores; exfoliates and suctions out clogged pores in case of acne.
  • Polishes and smoothes out the margins of acne and burn scars; usually requires 10 initial treatments.

International Customers: Please note this item is a 110V electrical device.


reviews for PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit

Featured PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit review:

Atlanta, GA
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: normal
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Price/Value Price/Value
Ease of Use Ease of Use
Loving the PMD

If you haven't tried the PMD yet, you're really missing out. I feel like I have a million beauty gadgets, but this is the only one I consistently use. It makes such a difference for your skin--my skin is brighter, my pores smaller, and my T-zone stays shine free all day now (big plus!). Ladies, you'll want to invest in one of these suckers, trust me!!

Featured PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit review:

Seattle, WA
brandLoyalist Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: oily
Pros: similar to the real thing
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Price/Value Price/Value
Ease of Use Ease of Use
Just buy it!

Okay, so I'm 40 years old, and I've had issues with oily skin, large pores and clogging since I was nine years old. Let me tell you that I have done it ALL and have spent more money than you'd care to think of: antibiotics at a young age (never do this), topical retinols (still current), laser, subcision for scarring, Accutane (back before I worked in oncology and realized it was a chemo drug- but it did help my cystic acne back in my late teens- I was part of a study group and NO I still don't recommend it), REAL chemical peels that aren't legal in the states, and lots of microderm. I've also used every product in every price range (I currently only recommend Arcona) and yes, I use the Clairsonic and have gone through 3 of them in several years (I keep dropping them) and have learned that I can't live without that one either. The only thing I haven't done is full-on dermabrasion. Will my skin every look unclogged and clear- NO. Do I still break out? As long as I keep up with my regimen- not so much. But the clogged pores? They're for life. And I've got a few on my checks that are starting to look like craters- so frustrating. What helps? TONS OF EXFOLIATION. Because regardless of what others tell you- that's what the problem with the skin is. Will it totally unclog your pores? Not really, but it will help with extractions and will help pore size from growing and worsening when they re-clog (most of us with this skin type don't remain unclogged long). After telling you all of this, I'll tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with microderm. I love that it adds a little extra exfoliation (and I can take A TON). I've typically asked for the MAX when paying for professional treatment because I can deal with pain (it's not that bad- I just have red skin for two days). But I hate that it doesn't last. And it has to be repeated often to see results and the price adds up quickly. With all of the many things I need to spend money on, I don't WANT to spend money on this service. So my dermatologist actually recommended this. And she knows what she's doing. And so I thought, if SHE says it works, I'll easily drop a couple hundred bucks (price of less than 2 treatments). And guess what? It feels the same (though milder and I could probably use this thing far more than recommended). I am ordering the red tips because I know I can take quite a few passes with these. I'll be using this regularly and it's going to save me a whole lot of money. Trust me. This one will save you as well.

Featured PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit review:

productJunkie Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: sensitive
Pros: absorbs quickly, smooth texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Price/Value Price/Value
Ease of Use Ease of Use
I like it !!!

I've used it for 4 times, and I can feel that my skin is getting smoothier. it will hurt a little bit when using, but treatment after is absorbed better. the only con might be the tips which could only be used 4 times each for maximum and I have to buy more tips from time to time. still looking forward to future miricale.

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Directions For Use

directions for use for PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit

Step 1: Assembly Place disc on motor shaft. Simply push on tightly. To remove; Pull Off. Important: There are 2 disc sizes. One for the body and one for the face. See recommended usage below. Place the cap over the disc. Screw 1/4 turn and seal tight. There must be a seal in order to create the vacuum and suction. Connect cord to unit and power supply and plug in.

STEP 2: Wash Your Skin Cleanse and Wash. Remove all oil, makeup, and dirt. Make sure your hair is out of the way and covered or pulled back off of your face.

STEP 3: Technique Pull skin tight for a smooth surface. Place your fingers on the skin and stretch the skin so that it is tight where the tip will make contact with the skin. Keep the unit moving constantly over your skin. Do not hover in one spot. Be sure the cap is flush with your skin, maintaining even contact. This will ensure a proper suction. The motor sound will change when suction occurs. Small Disc: Use the small disc around tight spots on the nose or where your bones will not allow suction. The large disc should only be used on the body and not on the face.

STEP 4: Treatment Use light pressure with early treatments. As you become skilled with this tool you can become more aggressive and use more pressure. Be careful not to grind to deep. Move the disc in upward and horizontal motions until you have treated all areas of the surface. If you have trouble spots take a little more time on these areas. Be careful not to press to hard or stay to long in one place. Keep the disc moving over the surface or your skin.

STEP 5: Cell Renewal Cell rejuvenation and renewal serums and creams are essential to the healing process and recovery. Use your choice of products daily in between treatments.

STEP 6: Follow-Up and Maintenance Clean the filter and residue out of the cap and motor shaft. Clean with a damp cloth in and around motor shaft. Replace discs after every two to three treatments. For maximum effectiveness, the abrasive on the discs must be fresh. Recommended usage: Once a week. Note: The green disc has a coarse grit for more aggressive treatments. The blue has moderate grit.


ingredients for PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit

Made In: United States

Shipping Information

shipping information

Shipping Information:

This product can only be shipped to addresses within the U.S.

DOT Restrictions:

There are no DOT restrictions on the delivery of this item – you may elect to have this item sent through any of our delivery methods.

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Clinical Results

PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit Clinical Results

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