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Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Palmitoyl oligopeptide is an ingredient in skin care products that offer anti-aging benefits. To better appreciate the role of palmitoyl oligopeptide in these formulations, it’s important to first understand the function of peptides, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in healthy skin.

Peptides occur naturally in the body and have many different purposes. Some peptides carry secreted hormones to specific organs. Neuropeptides help to transmit sensory information throughout the body. Still other peptides are integral to the formation of collagen and elastin, proteins that determine the structure and elasticity of skin.

Simply put, peptides are two or more amino acids that are linked together. When this chain is shorter than 50 amino acids, it’s considered a protein fragment and is called an oligopeptide. Typically this peptide chain must link more than 50 amino acids in order to make a protein.

The protein collagen is a fibrous component of connective tissue, cartilage, and bone, and is abundant throughout the body. When the body is young and healthy, collagen makes skin plumper and firm. Working together with elastin, the two proteins give skin its shape, strength, and resiliency. Two main factors are responsible for the degradation of collagen - the natural process of aging and exposure to the sun. As you age, collagen production slows, and what remains begins to break down. And no matter what the weather or season, UV radiation is able to deeply penetrate unprotected skin layers, altering the cellular makeup of collagen. Deteriorating collagen means skin becomes more lined, thinner, and may sag.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide in skin creams works to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid levels.

Another vital component of the skin is hyaluronic acid. It regulates and promotes cell growth, and also speeds healing. Skin that is rich in hyaluronic acid looks fuller and less wrinkled.

What do peptides, collagen and hyaluronic acid have to do with palmitoyl oligopeptide? When an oligopeptide is engineered in the laboratory and then attached to a fatty acid, palmitoyl oligopeptide is created. The fatty acid is palmitic acid, and it helps the compound to be absorbed by the skin. Applying palmitoyl oligopeptide formulations topically leads to the production of both collagen and hyaluronic acid well below the skin’s surface. Because of this, palmitoyl oligopeptide is a key ingredient in many cosmetics.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide in skin creams works to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid levels. Who is an ideal candidate for palmitoyl oligopeptide-based creams? If you have skin concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, stretch marks, and thinning skin, consider using a product that includes palmitoyl oligopeptide. These issues can be caused by a variety of factors – dehydration, a lack of sleep, hormones, pollution, a poor diet, smoking, stress, sun exposure, and weight fluctuations. When palmitoyl oligopeptide-based creams are applied regularly, research shows that skin becomes smoother and more evenly toned, lines and wrinkles are diminished, and the skin thickens. Additionally, palmitoyl oligopeptide can help shield the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. While it does not have the protection level of sunscreen and should never be used in place of SPF, it can provide an extra barrier to safeguard skin.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide is also a popular ingredient in eye serums.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide is also a popular ingredient in eye serums. The eye area has thinner, more delicate skin. So aging and other stressors may affect the eye area sooner and more dramatically than they do the face, neck and décolletage. This results in the eye area being plagued by crow’s feet, textured skin, bags under the eyes, and dark circles. Palmitoyl oligopeptide-based eye serums are effective at reducing lines, improving texture, firming the eye skin, and brightening the skin’s tone. While mature skin will certainly see visible improvements from the regular applications of palmitoyl oligopeptide, younger customers can also benefit from the collagen-boosting effects.

Anti-aging lip products also include palmitoyl oligopeptide. These formulations target both the lips and the area around the mouth. Concerns include thinning lips, vertical lines on the lips, frown lines, and fine lines radiating from the mouth. With regular applications, palmitoyl oligopeptide-based lip therapies will plump and smooth the lips, as well as diminish lines on and around the lips. For those considering lip injections, dermatologists may recommend trying a palmitoyl oligopeptide product first, as it may deliver similar results.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide usually causes no side effects. However, if you develop a rash or more serious symptoms after applying, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

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