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Pevonia Botanica Feet

Pity your poor feet! Ignore them at your own risk, but someday they’ll make their unhappiness known in a very clear, and probably painful, way. Pevonia Botanica Feet can help you with the dry, flaking skin, ugly calluses and discomfort that can come from not taking care of your feet. Why go to all the trouble and expense of pedicures and choosing open-toed shoes if your feet aren’t presentable?

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Pevonia Botanica Feet Products

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Immediate relief for heavy, swollen feet.
1.7 oz | PE064

Additional Pevonia Botanica Feet Information

It may seem like pampering (and it is – why not?), but a regimen of using Pevonia Botanica Feet can not only relieve the discomfort of feet that have been overlooked, but make them look so much better. The Pevonia Botanica Feet suite of care products can give the skin on your feet – top and bottom – a clear, smooth, unblemished appearance. It isn’t just about appearance, either. Feet, enclosed in stockings or socks and fit into shoes, can host bacteria and readily develop odor. With the help of Pevonia Botanica Feet, you can keep your feet bacteria-free and odor-free in the hours between washing. Your feet deserve the best care you can provide.

We ask a lot of our feet. They take a pounding as we walk on hard pavement, wear shoes that look great (but sensible? not so much) and slosh through puddles and half-melted snow. Give something back, with the help of Pevonia Botanica Feet products. They not only make your feet feel better, but look great.

A great start is Pevonia Phytopedic Multi-Active Foot Cream. A combination of sunflower oil, shea butter (a traditional emollient made from a special West African tree nut) and salicylic acid works to deeply moisturize and revive dry, flaky areas and soften hard, rough patches. Massage it into your skin morning and evening and feel your skin react to its restorative treatment. The cream not only promotes regeneration of your skin, but the botanical oils promote exfoliation of dead cells and provide an antiseptic barrier against odor.

Do you have calluses that hurt every time you rub your feet? Does the dry, rough skin at the back of your heels and on top of your feet itch and flake? Using Pevonia Phytopedic Silky Foot Peel periodically can make a dramatic difference. The fine volcanic pumice and quartz silica granules gently smooth and exfoliate the problem areas. The stearic acid content combines with the oils and accumulated impurities, allowing them to be lifted off cleanly.

Sometimes, you just need a refreshing foot massage. Rub in Pevonia Tension Relief Foot Gel and allow the camphor wood extract and menthol to gently relax your skin and promote your circulation system.

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