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Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite

While no one can prevent the passage of time, it is possible to minimize some of the unpleasant changes that occur to the skin as the result of the maturation process. Undoing the damage that time can create for the skin can be accomplished by creating a daily program that includes a wide assortment of lotions, creams, soaps, and treatments. Choosing quality formulations increases your potential for successfully enhancing the condition of your skin, smoothing and conditioning it for greater vitality. Created with natural ingredients that offer high performance with a gentleness that caresses your skin and coaxes it back to a healthy appearance, the full line of Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite solutions help to reduce the dimpled appearance that often occurs as the body ages. Smoothing the skin while also enhancing its resiliency and supple nature, Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite formulations.

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Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite Products

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Specifically for those struggling with cellulite.
5 oz | PE060

Additional Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite Information

Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite products should be used once or twice each day in order to deliver the best opportunity for a visible change in the appearance of your skin. For the best results, create a daily program using Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite formulas.

When tough problems arise, it becomes necessary to bring in powerful solutions that can transform your skin from ordinary looking to extraordinary in appearance. Each of the Pevonia Botanica Firming/Cellulite products has been formulated with a unique blend of components in order to encourage the correction of circulatory issues and the reduction of cellulitic deposits, enhancing the natural resilience of your skin and improving its youthful appearance.

Formulated with a specialized combination of ingredients, Pevonia Nymphea Seaweed Exfoliating Soap is designed to improve the appearance of skin that is plagued with cellulite using reparative capabilities derived from the inclusion of seaweed and shea butter in its formulation. As you cleanse your body with this pleasantly aromatic soap, it sloughs off spent skin cells and other impurities in order to reveal fresher skin that offers greater elasticity and softness. As a result, the visibility of your cellulite changes, becoming less noticeable as your skin’s firmness, smoothness, and circulation improve.

As your body matures, you need the benefits of a corrective formula that is designed to address many of the noticeable signs of aging. The advanced blending of ingredients offered by Pevonia Nymphea Body-Svelt Cream corrects the visible imperfections of the skin that have been caused by the natural aging process. Delivering firming, toning, slimming, detoxifying, and rejuvenating capabilities, this technologically enhanced formula smooths your skin as it stimulates your circulation. Some of the potent ingredients found in this cream include green coffee extract, niacin, azelaic acid, seaweed, Centella Asiatica, and elastin.

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