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Adding a toner/clarifier to your skin care routine, in between cleansing and moisturizing, can result in serious changes to your skin. Toners/clarifiers ensure that all of the buildup, dirt, oil, and impurities are wiped away every day, leaving you with clean skin and unclogged pores. Whether you are a current or potential Pevonia Botanica customer, the Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers Reviews Page is a must visit. Here, you can exchange opinions about this line of products, reading about other customers’ experiences while sharing your own.

Product research is vital when you are shopping online, and the Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers Reviews Page is the place to start your research. Here, you can find information beyond the standard product description, thus giving you a deeper understanding of the product. You can compare products by reading reviews for different Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers, or you can focus your review search on just one product. No matter how you use this page, you will benefit. Current customers will voice their opinion in the competitive online marketplace, while potential customers can accrue the knowledge they need to make a well-informed decision. Let Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers Reviews help you on your product search.

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Wouldn't buy it again. -8/16/2007 11:45:13 AM Despite the high rating from others, I wouldn't buy it again.
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Great for acne prone skin too! -7/2/2007 4:33:15 AM I was a little confused when I received this because I thought I was buying a lotion. This is really more of a toner, but it has worked out wonderfully for me. My skin is oily/combination, and though I don't break out on my cheeks, I do get whiteheads. My cheeks always look flaky and dry from all the products I use to keep the whiteheads at bay. Moisturizers for oily skin have mattifyers that make my skin look even drier, but lotions for normal/dry skin give me more whiteheads. I have been searching for years for a product that will keep my skin looking moist, without causing whiteheads/breakouts. Well, I found it!!! After cleansing and toning, I apply this with a cotton ball and it immediately makes my skin soft, smooth, glowing and radiant. I almost don't even need a moisturizer, but I do use one as this helps the product work even better. My skin glows and stays beautifully hydrated all day. This is an amazing product. I'm so glad I found it!
K. Redmond
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So different! -3/20/2007 1:58:27 PM I have used everything to control my acne form prescribed medications such as acutane, antibiotics, protaciv and others and this works better! It smells heavenly and you only need a very small amount and it has worked wonders. My breakouts are all but gone, except for the occasional blemish and I no longer have dry flaky patches. I have three products from this line and am becoming an ever-faithful follower. It last a long time too, so you will in fact get what you pay for with this
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I love this stuff... -7/5/2006 5:01:45 PM Great exfoliation without drying.
Jane K
Overall Rating Overall Rating
The best toner I've found -7/1/2006 10:47:51 PM Like several other Pevonia products, was first introduced during a facial at a spa. I absolutely love the fresh rosemary scent and how refreshed my skin feels after using this. A must for my daily skin care routine.
Jane K
Overall Rating Overall Rating
The best toner I've found -7/1/2006 10:47:25 PM Like several other Pevonia products, was first introduced during a facial at a spa. I absolutely love the fresh rosemary scent and how refreshed my skin feels after using this. A must for my daily skin care routine.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
highly recommended -5/26/2006 6:55:39 AM very gentle for sensitive skin, good product
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Imagine having access to insider information about products without ever trying them. With Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers Reviews, you can tap into a valuable network of current customers who are willing to share their opinions on this line of products. The information contained in these reviews is unedited and unbiased, meaning you will hear both positive and negative views on these products. By reading these reviews with an open mind and reading multiple reviews, you can enhance your knowledge of Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers before you buy them.

Navigating the Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers Reviews Page is simple. You can sort reviews in a number of ways to enhance your experience on the page. You can sort reviews by date—newest first or oldest first—or by rating—low to high or high to low. You can also read reviews for all Toners/Clarifiers in this line, or you can narrow your reviews to just those for the product that interests you.

Writing a review is an equally user-friendly experience. You can upload your review and write a detailed description of your experience with Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers. You can include any information that you believe will help potential customers make an informed purchase. To enhance your review, you can also rate the product from one to five stars based on its overall rating, price/value, and ease of use. You can also provide some pros and cons using short, descriptive phrases. These reviewing features will help potential customers quickly and accurately assess the products, making your Pevonia Botanica Toners/Clarifiers Reviews especially helpful.

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