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Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging

The process of providing anti-aging benefits to skin usually concentrates on three areas: Keeping skin properly hydrated, promoting skin cell health and encouraging the growth of new cells and, finally, introducing antioxidants to counteract free radicals. Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging uses all three approaches, but with two different paths. The emollients in the Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging line provides moisture for the skin, while protecting the cells from excessive loss of moisture. Safflower seed oil, squalane oil, shea butter and hyaluronic acid all act as wonderfully hydrating ingredients and help skin cells maintain the correct balance of moisture. The sea salt in the saltmousse gently debrides dead skin cells, ridding the pores and follicles of debris, while it also cleanses environmental contaminants. The balm’s marine collagen and elastin polypeptides nourish the skin tissue, providing the building blocks that allow skin cells to grow and strengthening the dermis.

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Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging Products

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Replenishes and repairs with a delightful aroma
5 oz | PE098
Removes impurities and toxins by gently polishing skin.
6.8 oz | PE097

Additional Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging Information

The Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging series has two different ways of supplying antioxidants. One way uses papain and bromelain, found in papaya and pineapple enzymes. Another set uses lutein, mangiferin and lycopene, found in mango and passion fruit.

By making available both a papaya-pineapple combination and a mango-passion fruit pairing, Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging offers you marvelous choices. Each of these combinations offers their own benefits. The papain-bromelain combination in papaya and pineapple enzymes not only offers antioxidants but has an additional exfoliant effect. Papain is also an anti-inflammatory, soothing the skin, while bromelain has been shown to lighten the skin and counteract hyperpigmentation conditions. On the other hand, the lycopene found in passion fruit, not only acts as a powerful antioxidant but improves skin texture. Mango provides not just lutein, another antioxidant, but mangiferin. The xanthonoid mangiferin is unique to mangos and has been shown in medical studies to be a significant antioxidant. Mangos also provide a concentration of the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.

Whichever path you choose, a cleansing with Pevonia De-Aging Saltmousse Papaya Pineapple (or Pevonia De-Aging Saltmousse Mango Passion Fruit) exfoliates dead skin cells and removing impurities from the dermis.

An application of Pevonia De-Aging Body Balm Papaya Pineapple (or Pevonia De-Aging Body Balm Mango Passion Fruit) after a shower or bath will allow an entire suite of effective emollients to hydrate and revive skin tissues. Marine collagen and elastin polypeptides offer necessary materials for skin tissue to rebuild and maintain a youthful, firm appearance. A refreshing interlude during the day can be enjoyed by a little spray of Pevonia De-Aging Mist Papaya Pineapple (or Pevonia De-Aging Mist Mango Passion Fruit). The mist nourishes and comforts the skin while providing hydrating and antioxidant extracts.

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