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Ever since the days of ancient Greece, there has been the saying, “Don’t rest on your laurels.” This warning against becoming satisfied with past achievements or a current situation is the underlying philosophy of pH Advantage Control Products. If your skin is in good condition, that’s reason for happiness, but not permission to stop maintaining a good skin care regimen. Skin is a dynamic, ever-changing part of your body and requires constant attention. Let pH Advantage Control Products help you stay ahead of any potential skin problems.

Potential damage from the harsh environment, stress, hormonal changes, and certainly the passage of time, can all bring about new challenges to your skin’s condition. The range of pH Advantage Control Products provides many treatments to help keep your skin healthy, smooth, glowing and clear. It is important to always make sure that the moisture and pH (acidic) of skin are maintained at optimal levels and that the skin is protected against the dangers of solar radiation. The supporting collagen and elastin tissues in your skin also need to be maintained, to keep your skin smooth and supple.

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Beauty, like style, should look effortless. However it may look to others, though, it still takes work to keep a complexion looking great day after day. Find support in your continued skin care regimen with pH Advantage Control Products.

Protecting against signs of aging requires care on three levels: moisturizing, antioxidant protection and a healthy collagen level. All of these are addressed by pH Advantage PM Vitamin Triple Complex, a night cream that helps keeps the skin smooth and supple. Formulated with a suite of botanical extracts and oils, plus natural sources of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, this cream encourages collagen production while helping the skin to retain a proper level of hydration.

A healthy skin cell turnover allows the complexion to constantly renew itself. With the lightly exfoliating action of pH Advantage AM/PM Balancing Toner, old skin cells are gently removed and new cells are allowed to come to the fore. A gentle but effective combination of papaya extract and citrus extracts allows the skin to maintain a beautifully balanced tone and allows the skin to accept and absorb subsequent moisturizers. The alcohol-free formula does not dry out the skin.

The effective, but gentle, concentration of ingredients in pH Advantage AM/PM 45% Hyaluronic Infusion helps improve the hydration levels of skin tissues. Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic acid attracts moisture and is an important element in protecting the body from infection. Applied to the skin as part of a well-balanced formula, this infusion helps keep the tissues moisturized and protected.

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