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Proper exfoliation of the skin is vital for treating a wide variety of skin conditions. With a high quality exfoliator, dry skin sufferers can eliminate dry rough patches from their complexions, and those with oily skins can help prevent acne blemishes and eliminate enlarged pores with such products. Exfoliation also makes fine lines and wrinkles less prominent on the complexion and helps to remove discoloration, such as age spots and melasma.

Whatever your reasons for shopping for a new exfoliator, our Philosophy Exfoliators Reviews are here to help you make an informed buying decision. The Philosophy Exfoliators Reviews were written by actual customers who have tried out selections from the exfoliating skin care range for themselves and want to share their experiences, both positive and negative. Many of the Philosophy Exfoliators Reviews are labeled with the author's age and skin type, and this information can help you to gauge how well a particular product will work for your own complexion. After reading a review, you can click on the product name to reach its sales page and learn even more.

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Great for acne-prone skin -3/20/2007 10:30:34 AM I have very oily skin and break out easily. Using this regularly definitely has prevented most of my breakouts and gotten rid of some of those "under-skin" bumps that can become pimples. It has made my skin smoother and gotten rid of some of the dark discolorations caused by melasma. I've gotten to the point that I actually use it daily -- leaving it on anywhere from 1-3 minutes depending how dry my skin is that day. The only times it has irritated my skin has been when I've exfoliated with another product. Basically, I can use it daily without fear of having a super-red and raw face. (Again, I have extremely oily skin so I'm sure most people don't need or have to use it daily).
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Works great! -4/17/2007 10:38:51 AM My skin was starting to look a little haggard and I'd heard that a peel would do the trick, so I decided to try this one out. It worked great! My skin looks smooth and fresh. I don't have that haggard appearance anymore! Em. My beauty secrets: Absolue SPF15 by Lancome, Skin Revitalizer by Relastin, and Melon Daiquiri Lip Shine by Philosophy
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Makes you skin glow -4/18/2007 2:29:18 PM I actually purchase this product after reading all the great review's This product is wonderful, I just wish I could find the time to apply it twice a week, but I do use once a week. The amount of product you get is a nice size too. I'm actually going to get this for my Mom's 63rd birthday.
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Clean Skin Must Have -4/24/2007 7:23:49 AM Love this product. Works on my sensitive skin. Doesn't make me break out later like some products do. Highly recommend for exfoliating!
Tanya Tucson, AZ
productJunkietop100Contributor Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: dry
Pros: gentle, hydrating
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Excellent Facial/Brightening Peel -10/20/2009 8:19:52 AM I tried this peel for the 1st time and love it! It made my skin tone more even and left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated! I def recommend this product if you have uneven skin tone and need a "pick me up"...
Lili Australia
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
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Love, love, love this -8/5/2009 1:39:23 AM I have been trying for years to find a decent exfoliator and search is over. My skin looks and feels so smooth after using this product. Step 2 seems a bit of a waste, as it feels that step 1 does all the work. Regardless, I love it and have gotten a friend hooked on it after giving her a sample.
productJunkie Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: combination
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Great Product -9/26/2009 10:09:56 AM I love this product. I have been looking for a great exfoliator and this does the trick. It is quick and easy and makes my face smooth. I was having a lot of dry areas and this has helped eliminate those.
melissa87 Hanover, Virginia
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
-7/1/2009 11:45:54 AM I just tried this last night and all I can say is WOW!! I wasn't expecting such great results after the first use but my skin was baby soft and glowing. It was very easy to use and the directions were clear and simple to follow. Rinsing off the product took some effort-I would recommend gently using a washcloth to facilitate rinsing. One negative-I thought the price was a little steep for such a small amount of product-but the results are well worth it!
SkincareJunkie Rocky Mountains
productJunkietop10Contributor Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: oily
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Great product! -6/28/2009 9:49:20 PM This is a wonderful peel! It works gently and leaves you with skin as soft as a baby's!
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Works as advertised -5/19/2007 6:22:41 AM Love this product. It does resurface, and doesn't take much down time. I got the same results as with a spa acid peel. Good price, too, for the number of peels one can get.
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Additional philosophy Reviews Information

The top skin care brand Philosophy offers a full range of exfoliators designed to improve both the texture and the appearance of the skin. The range includes products designed specifically for the complexion as well as scrubs that eliminate dead skin cells from head to toe. With both chemical and mechanical exfoliators and products that range from gels to peels to pre-moistened pads, the exfoliators collection from Philosophy has something for everyone's unique skin care needs.

The Philosophy Exfoliators Reviews found on this page are here to help you learn more about the wide variety of formulas found in the exfoliators range. The write-ups contained in the Philosophy Exfoliators Reviews take into account all of the benefits of the various products as well as considerations that you should be aware of before you buy. You can use the information contained in the reviews as a supplement to the product information displayed on our site, just the way you would use the advice of a trusted friend to help you make a shopping decision.

You can help others find the perfect skin exfoliator by writing your own Philosophy Exfoliators Reviews once you have tried the products for yourself. It just takes a few minutes to complete the necessary form and rate the product based on its quality, ease of use and price and value. After you finish writing your review, it will appear on this page, where other women can read it and benefit from your experiences with using Philosophy products.

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