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What did you eat for your hair and nails today? While we often think about good nutrition's importance for athletic performance, losing weight and maintaining energy levels throughout the day, the idea of eating well to improve the health of your hair and nails may not be as obvious to many people. Just as your body as a whole needs raw materials to function properly, the cells that produce your hair and nails also require vital nutrients. For many people, good nutrition can be difficult with today's busy schedules, which is why the natural hair care brand Phyto introduced the Phyto Supplements Products collection.

The Phyto Supplements Products contain natural ingredients that help you grow healthier, stronger hair and nails. Many of the key active ingredients found in the dietary supplements come from the South of France, an area which has been celebrated for its healing, nourishing botanicals for centuries. Taking Phyto Supplements Products is an excellent way to add something healthy for your hair and nails to your daily diet. The formulas can even make your eyelashes look fuller!

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Add formulas from the Phyto Supplements Products collection and enhance your beauty from the inside out. The formulas help create healthier hair, thicker eyelashes, stronger fingernails and clearer, smoother skin. Get started exploring the Phyto supplements collection now!

The Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair Nails and Skin is a daily vitamin designed specifically to provide the body with essential nutrients for the health of the nails, hair, skin and eyelashes. The formula's active ingredients are natural botanicals, rather than synthetic nutrients produced in laboratories. Studies have found that using naturally-based dietary supplements leads to better results, making the Phyto formula an ideal choice among hair care supplements.

One of the key ingredients in the Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair Nails and Skin is cysteine. This amino acid is used by the cells to hold together chains of proteins to form new hairs, and supplementing it can lead to faster and thicker hair growth on the scalp and lash line. The formula also contains essential fatty acids, which slow hair loss and shedding. Vitamins A and E are also included in the formula to offer antioxidant protection. A variety of supportive ingredients are also found in the formula, such as shine-enhancing borage oil.

The Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair Nails and Skin is designed to be taken at a dose of two supplements per day for a treatment course of up to 4 months. The product comes in a bottle of 120-capsules, giving you a 2-month supply.

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