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Drawing upon the treasured natural resources of the sea, Phytomer Acne Treatment Products help provide relief for breakouts. In addition to the unsightly red, inflamed appearance of blemishes, there is the sore, burning feeling that accompanies them. What is more, the bacterial infections usually associated with acne can cause long-term, even permanent, skin damage. The scientifically researched and carefully formulated Phytomer Acne Treatment Products have been developed in a purpose-built facility in Saint-Malo, Brittany, on the Atlantic coast of France. These products bring the most effective solutions for breakouts to bear on the problem.

Since the causes of acne are complex, they require a broad range of solutions. In addition to the obvious excess amount of oil on the skin, the dry and dead skin cells shed on a daily basis can clog the pores. This provides an idea nursery for bacterial growth, bringing infection and inflammation. The approach taken by Phytomer Acne Treatment Products is to take the same natural elements that marine plants use to defend themselves from the challenging environment of the sea, and use them to help distressed skin.

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Breakouts have to be addressed quickly and effectively, not only to stop their unsightly appearance and uncomfortable side-effects, but to prevent long-term damage to skin tissues. The formulas for Phytomer Acne Treatment Products use the powerful resources of marine plants to overcome, heal and help prevent blemishes.

The term “biomimicry” simply means taking a natural biological process and copying it, applying it as a solution to another situation. This is the underlying tactic used by Phytomer Oligopur – Anti-Blemish Target Gel when applied to acne blemishes. Using naturally derived salicylic acid and extract of the red algae Asparagopsis armata, this treatment approaches a broad spectrum of conditions that have caused the breakout. Salicylic acid promotes skin exfoliation, which provides for a healthy cell turn-over. By presenting new, healthy skin cells to the surface, the older inflamed and infected cells are replaced and any potential scarring is reduced. At the same time, this ingredient neutralizes bacteria and constricts the pore diameter, helping to overcome the infection that usually accompanies acne and regulating excess sebum production that the bacteria feed upon. The red algae extract also goes to work to promote the growth of elastin cells, which keep skin tissue firm and smooth, reducing the signs of lines and wrinkles. This same ingredient also improves the moisture retention of the skin, overcoming dehydration caused by inflammation and acne-associated dermatitis. Even more (red algae extract is a very powerful ingredient), it provides long-term protection in the form of guarding against ultraviolet radiation and providing antioxidant benefits.

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