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Phytomer Acne Treatment

Those terrible acne breakouts! Instead of just being worried and frustrated with them, let Phytomer Acne Treatment Products take the lead. The active, powerful components work at the very basic level of your skin to counteract breakouts. With carefully researched and balanced ingredients, Phytomer Acne Treatment Products can not only aggressively deal with the causes of acne, but help prevent the return of those blemishes. Achieve a clean, smooth and healthy-looking complexion with Phytomer Acne Treatment Products.

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Phytomer Acne Treatment Products

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Drying and corrective properties help avoid unsightly blemishes on skin.
1 oz | PM016

Additional Phytomer Acne Treatment Information

The cause of acne is not just an excess of oils, but dead skin cells, atmospherically deposited dirt and environmental pollutants. All of these clog up your poor pores and follicles, not only causing swelling and reddening, but providing a source of nutrients for bacteria. The bacterial infection causes inflammation, adding to the unsightliness. The combination of unwanted physical debris, the physical reaction to this build-up and bacterial infection plays havoc with your skin. And why shouldn’t it? Your skin wasn’t meant to take such insults. Phytomer Acne Treatment Products go to the very source of the problem by cleaning, smoothing and healing your skin.

Where acne blemishes are concerned, Phytomer Acne Treatment Products don’t just cover them up, they help heal them! Exfoliation is an important tool in this process, as dead skin cells are sloughed off to make room for new, healthy cells. Excess oil is removed, not only to reduce the amount of debris on and in the skin, but to avoid providing a source of nutrition for bacteria that can cause skin infection. Pores and follicles are gently polished and cleaned, skin smoothed and bacteria suppressed to provide you with a refreshed look and feel.

An effective and powerful acne treatment is Phytomer Oligopur – Anti-Blemish Target Gel for combination, oily and problem skin. This preparation contains salicylic acid, an FDA-approved ingredient for the treatment of acne. It helps to remove oils, a primary source for skin-borne bacteria, from pores and follicles while neutralizing any bacteria which are already present. It also constricts pore diameter, presenting a smoother skin surface. Importantly, it exfoliates the skin, ridding you of dead flakes and making way for new, healthy cells. Red algae (Asparagopsis armata), is also a valuable ingredient. This wonderful product of the sea acts as a powerful antioxidant, fighting free radicals, while it helps reduce fine lines and improves skin elasticity. Best of all, this treatment can be applied any time during the day, even on top of your makeup! This effective gel comes in a handy small tube that fits neatly into your handbag and can be carried wherever you travel.

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